Weekly Recap

Happy Monday!

I feel like I can say that with 100% honesty now because…

Bachelor Ben HigginsTHE BACHELOR IS BACK!!! This show is such a guilty pleasure, but whatever. I’m not ashamed to admit I love it. Last season, I even came up with a workout to do during the show-

The Bachelor Workout. 2 Generations RunningI may have to come up with a revised version of this based on the drama that emerges this season!

Speaking of workouts, this week was not exactly stellar for me. We had some important folks in town for work this week and it meant a lot of longer hours, and kind of kept me from getting back into my normal routine.

Monday – I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes of core work before going over to a coworker’s house to watch the premiere of The Bachelor. I was pretty happy with this as it was mostly a rest day from Sunday’s 9 miles.

Tuesday – Nada. I went to a work dinner in Boston and didn’t end up getting home until between 9:30 and 10, so it was straight to bed.

Wednesday – Got up early to go into the city for a surprise group workout with my coworkers. It ended up being a scavenger hunt throughout Boston, which was pretty fun, but only involved light running.

Thursday – Managed to squeeze an early 5 miles in during the AM before heading off to work. It was my first run testing out some of my new gear from Christmas, including a reflective vest and flashlight. I’m not a big fan of running with headlamps, so I LOVE the little handheld LED flashlight I got myself for Christmas. It’s small enough to easily carry during the run but it packs a big punch light-wise.

Friday – I don’t know if it was allergies or just the lack of sleep catching up to me, but by the time Friday rolled around, I was dead tired. My throat hurt, and I felt super congested. Bleck. I tried to squeeze in a little core work, but after 10 minutes, I was really not feeling so hot, so I called it quits and spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching Netflix.

Saturday – I was excited for some good workouts by the time the weekend rolled around. There is nothing like being able to sleep to a regular time AND fit in a workout. Unfortunately, the rain moved in pretty early on Saturday and it was a wet, misty mess by the time I got out the door.

Running in the RainI wish I’d had a puppy to join me on my rainy run!

I really wanted to get my hills in, so I sucked it up and headed out.

Hill Repeats

Overall, I was really happy with how this run went. I felt like a bada$$ running in the rain, and I managed to crank out my last 2 miles at around 8:20/mile, after doing a bunch of hill repeats.

Sunday – The rain REALLY moved in on Sunday. I decided to take my workout indoors to the treadmill. I had been wanting to get back into doing some Yasso 800s for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. I ran my warm-up mile at 8:30/mile and then did the first 2 repeats at 7:35/mile. I did the next 3 at 7:30/mile and then cooled down with another mile at around 9:00/mile. This workout definitely felt TOUGH. I don’t know if I would have felt better if I hadn’t run hills the day before, but for whatever reason I was struggling. Hopefully I’ll improve on these through the marathon training.

This week, I’m really looking forward to getting back into a real routine both in the gym and at work. Ideally, I’d like to get some tough workouts in mid-week and not leave all my tough runs for the weekend.

How was your week?

Falling Back into the Routine

Happy Monday everyone!

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, this past week was my first complete week back at home with zero traveling for work (and it was glorious). I would say I did a pretty good job getting back into a rhythm and I’m hoping to keep it up again this week! Here’s how it all shaped up:

Monday – Rest day. I was SO SORE after the Fenway race on Sunday that just rolling over in bed was enough to wake me up. I needed this day off 100% and am glad I listened to my body (at least on this day).

Tuesday – Gym. I did a 30-minute hill workout on a stationary bike and my legs felt a little tired but not too bad. I finished up with a little upper-body, but nothing too crazy since my arms were still pretty burnt out. While I was at the gym, I signed up for an evening abs class the next day, thinking that I would be feeling relatively close to back to normal by then.

Wednesday – Abs class at the gym. From the very first exercise, I knew I was NOT back to normal. It didn’t help that out of the 5 slots in the class, I was the only one who showed up, so the trainer was only focusing on me. I finally explained to her that I was still sore from my race over the weekend because it was almost getting embarrassing how much I was DYING on all the exercises.

funny faces(LOL – this was actually one of the exercises she had me doing and I’m pretty sure I had the exact same face Cory Monteith is making)

The good news was that, she told me that next time, we could adjust the workouts to do other exercises to help me meet my fitness goals (which I explained were pretty much to be a stronger, well-rounded runner).

Thursday – Another rest day. After the class the day before, I was more than happy to chill out for a day.

Friday – Early AM class at the gym. This time, it was me and only one other person, with the same trainer as I had on Wednesday. Even though this was supposed to be another abs class, the trainer took us through a leg routine, which I really enjoyed. I learned a bunch of different variations on how to use the machines in different ways to target different muscles (for example, by turning my leg to face in, out, or pointing my toes up).

Saturday – Finally, a day of the week with enough time/daylight for a run! I slept in, took my time getting ready, and finally headed out for a run, not really sure of how far I was going to go. A couple weeks ago, I had noticed what seemed like a popular running trail nearby, so I decided to check it out. Well, lo and behold it was a LOOP that connected back to the park where I had been doing all my runs before! I was so excited to discover this. The whole loop is probably just over 3 miles, so not super long, but it is right along the river and it felt plenty safe with lots of other runners and walkers out and about.

Did I mention how INSANELY windy Saturday was?

Windy GIF | 2 Generations RunningI felt like this puppy, except less fabulous and more windswept.

The headwind was terrible at times, so I was thrilled that I still managed an overall 8:40 min/mile pace. Just after mile 5 (partway through my second loop of the trail), I passed this tall bird-watching tower. I had seen it on my runs before and always thought that I should stop and climb it to check out the view, but I never had before. I finally decided it was worth checking out, and I’m so glad I did.

2 Generations RunningSuch an awesome view that this picture barely does it justice. I was feeling all my happy exercise endorphins and just couldn’t get over how alive I felt, standing on this platform in the wind looking out at the city. I’m so glad I finally took the few minutes to pause my run and appreciate this sight.

2 Generations RunningAfter that, I made my way home, making for a perfect 6.5 miler.

Sunday – I was going to run again, but I had a bit of a blister from Saturday and as soon as I put my sneakers on, I knew it wasn’t going to feel good, even with a band-aid. Despite feeling really torn about it, I decided to stay in and do a Fitnessblender workout – 40 Minute At Home Butt and Thigh workout.

I spent the rest of the weekend reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (I was a huge fan of Gone Girl and this book is just as suspenseful and addictive as that one was!) and scoping out potential turkey trots in the area! It was the perfect ending to an awesome week.

Have you ever read anything by Gillian Flynn? Did you run this weekend?

Closing Thoughts on Baystate and Looking Ahead

Happy Monday guys!

Before I dive into this past week, I have a few final thoughts on Baystate (My mom’s post on her experience running the marathon will be posted on Wednesday!).

  1. For the first time in a really long time, I didn’t get ANY blisters running this half marathon. I definitely credit this to wearing my Feetures running socks (LOVE THEM!!) and my Asics sneakers, which seem to have a wider toe-box than previous sneakers I’ve worn. I’m just happy that I seem to have found the winning “recipe” for happy feet, and I plan on sticking to this for all my future long runs and races.
  2. I’m psyched about my new PR, BUT… Like the overachiever I am, I’ve already started thinking about what I could do to get faster. And after seeing all the incredible marathoners (like my mom!) finishing the race, I seriously want to sign up for a marathon again. I’ve been contemplating trying a spring one, since my workload at my job will be a little lighter over the winter. Of course, that would mean training for a marathon through a Boston winter, which might not be the smartest decision for me right now. But by the same token, if I try to wait for the PERFECT time to train for a marathon, I feel like I could be waiting forever…

So for now it’s onto the next race! My mom and I may do a little local 10k next weekend, but then in November, we have an especially fun race lined up! My mom, brother and I are doing a Spartan! Despite my mom saying she didn’t think she’d ever do a Spartan (there seems to be a pattern here), I managed to talk her into the Fenway stadium sprint. From what I’ve heard, Spartan stadium races tend to be a little easier than a regular race, so I think we’ll end up having a blast. I totally need to start doing my burpees again though!

Burpees | 2 Generations Running(That’s what a burpee looks like in case you didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. They aren’t fun.)

Now, looking back at my week – it wasn’t as good in the workout department as I would have liked to be totally honest. I was a little sore in my calves from the half marathon, but nothing terrible. I can’t remember if I went to the gym on Monday night at all (which probably means I didn’t…). On Wednesday, I had planned on jumping back into the weekly runs my work hosts. I love running around Boston in the Fall. It’s so gorgeous, and I feel like I’m finally beginning to get a sense of the city’s lay-out. But that run didn’t end up happening. I got caught in a late afternoon meeting, and didn’t end up leaving work till pretty late. By the time I got home, I was hungry and tired and I didn’t have it in me to go to the gym to run on the treadmill.

Thursday night, I stayed after work with another coworker to do another outdoor yoga class put on by CorePower Yoga and Social Sports Boston. The funny thing was that BOTH of us forgot to bring yoga mats, so we ended up sharing with another friend. It was a little cozy for yoga, and I was a afraid that I was going to end up toppling the three of us over domino-style on some of the poses. Still, it was a really cool setting to be doing candlelit yoga in the middle of Boston, and the temps were perfect, hovering around the 60s, despite it almost being the end of October.

Corepower YogaImage borrowed from Social Boston Sport’s Instagram page.

Friday was another lazy day.

Workout GIFYep, that pretty much sums up how I felt most days this week.

At least by Saturday, I was excited and finally motivated to exercise again. The fact that I could sleep in to a reasonable time AND also do a workout might have had something to do with that.

Saturday morning, I went out for an 8-miler at the park near me. It was a nice, cool morning and it felt great to be running again. The park was pretty quiet apart from a couple other runners and walkers, and it felt almost like I had my own private park at times.

2 Generations RunningI wanted to push myself, so each mile was somewhere around 8:30-8:45/mile, except for when I had to wait at street crossings.

Sunday, I decided to focus a little bit more on cross-training. I did Fitnessblender’s 22-minute abs and obliques workout (check it out here – it’s a doozy!) Then I went to the gym and did a 20-minute run on the treadmill. I ramped up the elevation to simulate some hills and pushed the pace until I had worked up a decent sweat. I rounded out the workout with a little upper-body work on the machines and then called it a day.

Overall, I’m pleased with the workouts I got in on the weekend! I still have to figure out how to fit in exercise during the week though. I think waking up REALLY early is probably my best bet, even though I’m not super excited about the idea of getting up around 5 on a regular basis. 😦 On top of that, I’ll be traveling for work this week, which will probably not be great for a new workout routine. Oh well, I guess.

Hope you had a great weekend! What do you think about trying to wait for the perfect time to train for a big race? Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for my mom’s post on Baystate!


Fall Running Goals

Well, here we are! It’s October 1st and Fall is officially in full swing! Temps are beginning to cool down and it feels GLORIOUS for running. It’s pumpkin spiced latte/apple picking/puffy vest season!

Pumpkin GIFSorry to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon, but I actually do love the stuff, so I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂

With the changing season, I figure it’s time for some new running goals. I did a post on my running goals for the summer and I think it was really helpful for me to outline what I wanted to work on over the upcoming months. And I ended up achieving my biggest goal, which was to get myself a fancy new 5k PR.

The Lowell Good Times SeriesAt the age group awards of the Good Times Summer Series with my First Place Plaque!

Now it’s time for some new goals. 🙂

Fall Running Goals | 2 Generations Running

  1. Cross-train at least 3 days a week. With my new gym being quite literally 5 minutes away, I have no excuse to skip workouts. I also have access to tons of machines (it’s a big gym!), so I don’t have to rely on solely using free weights anymore! I’d really like to work on strengthening my abs and upper-body (I think I’ll pretty much save my legs for running.)
  2. Find new groups to run with in the area. There are tons of weekly workouts hosted by different running stores and clubs not too far from me now, and I want to take advantage! Group workouts have always appealed to me (probably because I’m too competitive for my own good). Hopefully, I’ll make some new running buddies!
  3. Find the next state for me and my mom to cross off. While we’ve been focusing on training for Bay State recently, it’s not going to get us closer to our 50 state goal. Life was a little hectic this summer with me starting a new job, but things are finally settling down again, and it’s time for us to start planning. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are all possibilities that would be a little closer to home, but it’s going to be trickier to find races up in this area as the weather gets colder.
  4. Incorporate more interval/tempo runs into my workouts. I started doing this this summer since I was so intent on my 5k PR, and I actually really like these workouts! Maybe it’s the former high school track athlete in me, but I actually love to push myself to run faster than feels comfortable.
  5. Focus on my nutrition. In general, I’m pretty good about eating food that’s good for me and doesn’t leave me feeling crappy. I love salads and veggies and will happily eat them for dinner. My biggest weakness though is probably my sweet tooth (I always crave dessert, even when I’m feeling full). I also have a deep love for pizza, but I’m thinking as long as I limit pizza to my Friday nights, I’ll be ok. 🙂

So, that’s what I’ll be working on over the next few months. When New Years rolls around, it’ll be perfect timing for new winter goals!

Do you have any particular goals you’re focused on currently? Pumpkin –  yay or nay

This Week in Workouts

What a week of workouts this past week!

I think I’m finally starting to hit my stride with the whole working 5 days a week plus crazy commute AND finding time to fit my workouts in.

Monday – I kicked off the week with 30 minutes of strength training. I gave my legs a rest day since I had run 7 miles the day before, and I wanted them to be fresh for the 5k on Tuesday.

Tuesday – I ran a new 5k PR as you know from yesterday’s post!! I was absolutely stoked to see some of my speed work and focus on pacing begin to pay off.

Good Times Series 5kWednesday – Rest day. I got home late after a particularly sucky commute home (just imagine a subway car jam-packed with people with no AC. It was so awful my friend and I got off after a stop and walked the rest of the way to the station, but we ended up missing the earlier train. Not a fun day.)

Thursday – Got to go into work a little late, so I woke up at my regular time and went for a 4 and a half mile loop. There had been rain overnight which had cooled things off, and it felt almost like a fall morning. Perfect running weather! I was feeling good, so I decided to turn it into a tempo run of sorts. I warmed up the first mile, and then tried to push the pace for miles 2-4. It’s not easy for me to make myself run that fast without the competition of a race, so I was psyched about these splits.

2 Generations RunningAfter work, I went to “Detox and Re-tox” with a couple of coworkers. Wondering WTH that means? Well, it was an hour long yoga class (the detox) on the greenway in Boston followed by the “re-tox” – discounted vodka drinks and free food at a bar following the class.

Yoga on the Greenway

Yoga on the GreenwayThe instructor for this class was AWESOME. She was relaxed, reminding us that yoga is not a competition and not to take ourselves too seriously – as she put it, “It’s just f**king yoga“. That had everyone cracking up.  It was quick-paced, which was quite a change from what I was used to with the yoga class I took over the winter, but I managed to keep up pretty well, just copying the movements of the people around me whenever I was confused about a pose. They had a DJ playing hit music which added to the fun, energetic atmosphere of the whole event. There was also a little core work thrown in, which I loved. After the morning’s run, it felt really good to stretch my hips, hamstrings, and calves. It makes me think I should seriously try to make more of an effort to fit some yoga into my cross-training routine. I think passersby were a little confused to see 140 people doing yoga on the greenway in Boston – some tourists were taking pictures even! My only complaint was that they started 20 minutes late, so that by the time the class finished up, me and my coworkers all felt we should be getting home, so we skipped the drinks/food.

Friday – I took another rest day. I could’ve gone for a run in the evening, but after the long week, I really just wanted to collapse in a comfy chair, so that’s exactly what I did.

Saturday – It was raining in the morning, so I did a couple of Fitnessblender videos for abs and upper-body. I did about 50 minutes or so of cross-training, and then joined my Mom on her 5-mile run later in the afternoon when the weather had cleared up a bit. It was humid, but I was glad that I got some miles in after all.

Sunday – Another killer workout at the track! I did a revised ladder of sorts. I warmed up with a half mile jog and some stretching. Then I did:

  • 1 x 400
  • 1 x 800
  • 1 x 1200
  • 1 x 1600. I felt GROSS after this mile. I drank some water and tried to calm my breathing a bit, before I moved on.
  • 2 x 400

I did 400 meters recovery in between each repeat, and another half mile cooldown, so all-in-all, it came out to be about 5 and a half miles running, 3 of which was around 7:30/mile pace. Luckily, this time I was at least wearing the right socks, so I didn’t end up with a bloody heel at the end of the workout.

So a pretty great week! Did you do any special workouts this weekend? How would you feel about doing yoga outside with 140 other people?


Summer Running Goals

Hey there!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I enjoyed some great runs both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I did 6 miles solo early in the morning before the heat and humidity had ratcheted up too much. Sunday, my mom and I ran with our running club at the monthly brunch run. There’s nothing like a good run followed by an awesome meal with friends. 🙂

So after a few days last week where temps climbed into the 90’s, I think it’s become official – summer is here! I have always loved the season and I would much rather get up early to run before the heat of the day than to sleep in later, but then have to run in the extreme cold. And especially after the winter we had, this warm weather stuff is feeling pretty fantastic.

2 Generations Running. Running in the winter.Thank god all that white stuff is finally gone.

I’ve always loved using the summer as a time to set goals for myself. I tried to set some winter running goals for myself this year, but blizzard after blizzard kept setting me back. But that’s over now and I’m beginning to recover from my snow-induced trauma.

So here are my new and improved goals for this summer! 🙂

Summer Running Goals | 2 Generations Running

  1. Keep doing a speed workout once a week. I haven’t really done speed workouts consistently since my track days, but I kind of enjoy them… Sort of. I think it’s a love/hate thing right now. I’ll report back on how I’m feeling about them at the end of the summer.
  2. Bring down my 5k PR. I really think I can do this one, especially if I keep up with my speed work. There is also a weekly 5k series that my mom and I are going to get back into this summer, so that means plenty of opportunities to break my record!
  3. Continue going to the weekly runs my office holds! I love that I’m working at a place where most everyone is into running too.
  4. Continue strength training. My arms have gotten pretty strong since the winter, and with the help of FitnessBlender videos and my free weights, I want to keep them that way. This won’t be the easiest because I’m working 5 days a week now, still with a long commute, but I want to try to lift at least twice a week (I’ve read that twice a week is the minimum amount of strength training you can do to still see benefits.)
  5. Figure out how to train for an obstacle course race! As part of my new job, I’ll be helping out at one in June – and then running it. I’ll be scouring running blogs for tips, so if you have some, I’d love to hear it! I’m really excited to finally be trying one of these!

Summer Running Goals | 2 Generations RunningSo there you go! I’m excited and ready for some new challenges. 🙂

What are some of your summer running goals? How was your weekend?

Tips for Working Out *Without a Gym Membership*

Hey there and happy Wednesday!

So fitness confession here: I haven’t belonged to a gym since last summer, when I was a member of a little local gym for about a month and a half. I joined shortly after my toe started giving me troubles in marathon training, hoping that if I cross-trained, I’d still have a fighting chance at running my marathon (and it worked!) Since then, I’ve continued to cross-train sans gym (though that might be changing shortly…). But if you are like me, and a gym membership is simply too expensive or not practical for you at this point, you CAN still get in some killer workouts and some serious cross-training. So I’m switching things up a bit and sharing some of my tips this week for the Wild Workout Wednesday Link-up (as always, hosted by AnnMarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie of Happy, Healthy, and Balanced, Upala of Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber of Bold Fit Mom).

Tips For Working Out Without a Gym Membership

  1. Invest in a few pieces of workout equipment. Over time, my family has built quite a nice home gym. We have an exercise ball, yoga mats, resistance bands, and many sets of free weights! If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend going with 2 sets of free weights to start – a lighter pair (like a 4-5 lb pair) and a heavier set (8-10 lb is what I like best).
  2. Go online. There are SO MANY free workout videos available on YouTube! I love FitnessBlender and this full-body barre workout from Shauna Kathleen, but there are many other workout channels too like Popsugar Fitness and BeFiT that feature awesome full-length workout videos. Runners’ World’s website is also a good source for cross-training videos specifically targeted towards runners. Don’t have any workout equipment yet? Not a problem – just try searching for “no equipment workouts” or “body weight only exercises”.
  3. If you can, get a family member to commit to doing these workouts with you. In my personal experience, you will always get more out of a workout if you’re doing it with other people (this is one of the reasons I love and miss taking group exercise classes at the gym).
  4. Stick with it. The first time I did a workout video, I could not believe how sore I was the next day! But it is the most awesome feeling when you realize you’re actually getting stronger, and new little baby muscles that you never knew existed begin to appear!

Tips for Working Out Without a Gym Membership*Such dramatic results are not guaranteed! 🙂

5. Keep mixing it up. If you do the exact same workout with the same amount of weight all the time, you’ll eventually reach a fitness plateau. Take advantage of the huge variety of videos available online and try something outside your comfort zone, whether it be barre, yoga, Zumba, pilates, cardio kickboxing, or tabata. After all, if you aren’t at the gym, there’s no reason to feel self-conscious if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing!

Tips for Working out without a gym membershipMake all the crazy, pained faces you want without fear of being judged.

So there you go! Hope these help, although now you have no excuse to skip your cross-training!

What are your favorite sources for workouts? Have a great end of your week!

Cross-Training or Mileage?

Hello again!

So guess who got snowed on again this weekend?

This Guy Meme. | 2 Generations RunningI woke up on Saturday all ready to take advantage of the weekend by going for a run, but nope. It was really coming down and forecasted to snow all day. To be fair, I guess I could have run – my mom did. But she came home looking like this

Running with the Mind of Meditation Book ReviewSo I don’t feel too bad about my decision to stay indoors (in the warmth) and do a tough 35 minute lower-body Fitnessblender workout. 🙂

2 Generations RunningOn Sunday, it was thankfully back in the 40’s (how sad is it that I’m relatively happy about 40’s on March 29th?!), and sunny. Our club had its monthly brunch run, so my mom and I got in a nice, hilly 5 miles at a pretty good clip (9:04/mile). There was a big turn-out and all the friendly conversation made the miles fly by.

In other news… My mom and I also started discussing the possibility of another half marathon this weekend!  Pretty soon we will have crossed off all the nearby New England states, but we still have one that isn’t too far of a drive away – Rhode Island. The half marathon that we’re considering is the first weekend in May, so that would give us just about 4 weeks to train for it. Not a lot of time, by any means, but we have been running pretty consistently, so we wouldn’t be starting from scratch. Would it be a PR race? Probably not, but it would be an easy way to check off another state.

I have some questions/doubts though. I found a 4-week plan that looks like it would work, although I would have to juggle it around quite a bit, as there’s no feasible way for me to get any runs in Tuesday-Thursday (and I’m not saying that because I’m afraid of working out in the morning, but I’m already getting up at 5:30, and any earlier just seems insane.) The plan that I’m looking at calls for moderate cross-training one day a week (45-60 minutes). I’m wondering if it would make more sense for me to get my mileage in on the 4 days that I have, or if I would be better off keeping one day of cross-training in the plan? Any advice on this dilemma would be much appreciated!

Tonight I have my 4th yoga class, and I’m still loving it! The relaxed vibe of the class has been perfect for me as a beginner, and the instructor is so friendly and welcoming. When my mom and I leave, we’re always quite relaxed, so it’s been a wonderful way to start each week.

I hope you had a great weekend! What do you think – is it better to keep one day of full cross-training or should I use the opportunity to get in the mileage?

Reflections on My First Yoga Classes

Hello again!

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day yesterday! I was incredibly thankful that most of Boston’s revelry occurred at the South Boston Parade on Saturday (apparently) – the subways and trains were gloriously free of rowdy barhoppers. 🙂

But FINALLY, I’m getting around to giving some reflections on my first few yoga classes, as promised!

Reflections on My First Yoga Class | 2 Generations Running.First off, my mom and I are taking this class through our town’s community center (we had originally signed up for a crochet class but it was canceled due to lack of interest, so this was plan B.). So, we’re actually taking this class in a little school, not a classy yoga studio. I don’t really mind the simple setting though! The heaters in the building work a little too well, so it’s ended up being like a mild version of hot yoga! Which I’m totally ok with, given that it’s still pretty dang cold for three days till spring.

The class was described as mixed level, perfect for me and my mom. My mom has been doing yoga for years, but I’ve only done a video here and there, so I’m definitely a newbie. The instructor handles the various experience levels wonderfully. So far, she’s done a great job explaining the poses and different variations you can do based on your flexibility. I also love the emphasis she puts on doing what feels right for your body. I know I can get competitive (especially with running), and I’ve really appreciated the way she reminds us that, “There’s no room for competition in yoga.”

So how have I felt after the classes? Pretty darn good. I know I have tight hips (that was one of the things the physical therapist pointed out when I was dealing with my EHL strain), and all the hip-opening exercises have been GREAT. I’m also happy to see that all my upper-body and core work has paid off – I have no problem with all the downward dog and plank poses! 🙂 And then, there’s the whole relaxation side of things. I love taking the hour and 15 minutes to unwind and focus on my breath. Usually, my mind is going a mile a minute, and it feels awesome to slow down. Also, fun fact here – I heard that Lily James practiced yoga and meditation to help her get into the kind and peaceful frame of mind that she portrays in Cinderella (which I totally want to see by the way.)

So those are my thoughts after the first 2 classes. I’ll continue to update as the weeks go on, but so far, it’s looking like I’m going to enjoy yoga. 🙂

Have a great week!

Have you ever tried yoga? Do you need to work on your flexibility? Anyone else want to see Cinderella (even though you’re technically an adult?)

Let’s Get Wild! {A Cross-Training Workout For Runners}

Happy Wednesday!

First off, congrats to Sam – you won the Meal Enders sample!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Monday’s episode of The Bachelor kicked things off well for me; I am absolutely LOVING this season and Chris is now down to just 2 girls! I was kind of happy Kaitlyn was sent home on Monday because I actually really like her and don’t think Chris (and Iowa) were right for her. Here’s to hoping she’s the next bachelorette! Haha, apparently Entertainment Tonight agrees with me on this -> 9 Reasons Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Should be the Next Bachelorette.

Kaitlyn from the Bachelor.But anyways…

Today, I wanted to share a workout I created as part of a new link-up I’m participating in! It’s the Wild Workout Wednesday Link-up (hence, the title… what did you think I meant?!), hosted by AnnMarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie of Happy, Healthy, and Balanced, Upala of Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber of Bold Fit Mom.

Wild Workout Wednesday.I’m not a personal trainer, but I created this workout to incorporate some of the moves that I’ve learned are good for strengthening quads and glutes – something runners can try to do to help prevent pesky runner’s knee issues (like I’m experiencing currently). I also added some core exercises to help keep it interesting. 🙂

Cross-training workout for runners. 2 Generations Running.

I tested it out on Monday, and this workout will definitely have you breaking a sweat. The trick is to go through it fairly quickly- try to keep any rest breaks to a minimum. I was pretty pooped by the end of those 30 minutes. 🙂

As much as I enjoy these types of workouts, I’m REALLY looking forward to this weekend’s relay race!! The Clearwater Distance Classic was my last race, just over a month ago, and I’ve started experiencing symptoms of race withdrawal again (i.e., longingly reading other bloggers’ race recaps, scrolling through lists of different race registrations… you know, normal things.) Hopefully, my knee will cooperate, even though it’s a hilly course. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!

Have a happy Hump Day! Tp the runners out there- do you experience race withdrawal when you haven’t done one in a while?