1 Week Till Race Day!

Welp, here we go again. The Fast Half is this coming weekend, on Saturday. Typically, I prefer Sunday races, but I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting this one done and then being able to relax the rest of the weekend, rather than worrying about the race (I don’t usually get nervous for races at all, but going for a PR does add another level of pressure.)

Overall, things have been going pretty well running-wise with a couple of small hiccups. I noticed a couple weeks ago that I had some tightness in my Achilles that persisted for the first mile or so of my run before subsiding. I’m no stranger to aches and pains, so I wouldn’t have thought much of this… apart from the fact that it became consistent. For the past couple weeks, that tightness/discomfort has always been there for the start of my runs. It’s not terribly painful and I have been able to run through it, but it’s been a cause for concern.

I tried to book an appointment to get into see the chiropractor my mom was seeing for a while but he didn’t have any openings until JUNE. Not super helpful. But I’ve been doing various exercises (heel drops, ankle circles, wobble board moves) and those seem to be helping, as it hasn’t felt as tight on the past couple of runs lately. So maybe I dodged the bullet? Who knows… I was happy I was able to complete my last hard workout this past week. 2 mile warm-up followed by 2 times 12 minutes @ 7:32, 3 minutes @6:56 with 3 minute recoveries. I ran early in the morning and I was a little nervous I wouldn’t feel awake enough to hit those paces, but I was almost spot-on.

Half Marathon Training

Getting to see this sunrise was another AWESOME bonus.

Obviously, I’ve been weather stalking like a crazy person, even since we got inside the 10-day forecast window. Originally, they were saying 60s and rainy but now it’s looking like a high of 55 with afternoon showers. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t change too much because that would be PERFECT. Warm enough that I won’t freeze my face off the way I did at Half at the Hamptons but definitely not hot.

Half at the Hamptons

I’ve also been obsessively studying the elevation profile.

Fast Half

It looks like my first challenge will be just after Mile 4, then Mile 6-7 will be tough. 7-8 will have some climbing but it doesn’t look too dramatic. Fortunately, it looks like the end of the race will have more downs than ups. Is it going to be easy? Absolutely not. But I’m happy to at least know what I’m in for. I hadn’t been able to find any elevation maps for the Half at the Hamptons, and so that had turned into a nasty surprise.

Half at the Hamptons

Woof, that’s a big climb.

Anyway, that’s pretty much where I’m at! This week, it’s just about taking it easy, upping my carb intake just slightly, and keeping calm.

Bring on half marathon #18!

The Mental Side of Racing

Happy Wednesday, hope you guys are all having a good week!

With the Fast Half being only 2 and a half weeks away at this point, I wanted to do a post on the mental aspects to racing. It’s no surprise that I was disappointed with my results at the Half at the Hamptons. All that work to run the exact same time as my current PR. Yes, there were a lot of factors that made that race a challenge – the wind, the cold, the hills… But when I look back on it all, I realize my thoughts going into the race were essentially along the lines of I’m in the best shape of my life, shiny new PR here I come!

A tiny little part of me thought it was going to be easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew I was going to have to push, but I think I had kind of forgotten just how hard that would be. I understood conceptually it would be tough and require some serious mental grit, but when it came down to it, I kind of shied away from the pain when I was in the thick of it. I think some part of me thought it was a given that I would PR considering the quality of the training cycle I had put in. But I think it’s safe to say the days of ‘easy’ PRs are gone.

Once I finished wallowing in my disappointment, I immediately began thinking about the next steps to keep that from happening again in a race. Obviously, I can’t control weather and all the external factors at play, but I CAN control and improve on my mental strategy. After some review browsing online, I purchased How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald.

How Bad Do You Want ItIt’s not an instructional manual; it’s more of a series of anecdotes about various athletes who have overcome mental barriers to reach the pinnacle of their sport. He then explains some of the more technical aspects of the coping mechanisms demonstrated. As a psychology nerd, I loved this.

With the Fast Half, I don’t plan to take anything for granted. I know I’m going to have to work. I know that there is a doozy of a hill at Mile 6. Yes, I’ve put in the work and run some great times in workouts, but that doesn’t mean executing on race day is going to feel comfortable. It doesn’t feel easy for me to run a 7:30 mile split in a workout, so why would that feel easy at the end of a 13 mile race??? That’s going to be the time where I am going to HAVE to dig deep. I plan on keeping the disappointment from March close to my heart. I fully plan on letting those frustrations fuel me during the tough times in this race when I have to decide between cruising comfortably and giving it everything I’ve got.

I’ve already put it out there that I want to try to BQ at Philly in November (for my age group, I would need a 3:35 or better). My coach thinks it’s doable, and I have no doubt that my fitness will get there under her training. But the mental toughness has to be there too, especially when we’re talking about 26 miles. It’s something I want to continue to focus on, paying it the same attention I give to my weekly mileage and paces.

Any runners out there have any tips for mental strategies in races?

Do you have any goal races coming up?

What’s Next?

Hello, I’m back again!

When we last left off, I was disappointed in the result at the Half at the Hamptons and pondering next steps. I think I definitely tend to experience a sort of let-down/depression after big races when that feeling of chasing a big goal is over (I distinctly remember feeling this way after my first marathon). It’s easy to feel a little lost when something you have been looking forward to for months comes and goes.

Half at the HamptonsThe one good thing about not hitting my goal at the Hamptons is that I don’t feel like it’s over. I didn’t hit my time so that big exciting goal is still sitting there, waiting for me to catch it. Only a few days after the race, I was searching for another race to give my PR a shot and I’ve settled on one – The Fast Half on May 13th. Can’t beat a name like that, right??

Fast Half | 2 Generations Running

I’m hoping this race really is the flat and fast course it’s advertised as.

I’ve taken the better part of 3 weeks almost completely off (some of that due to travel for my job and not necessarily by intention). Either way, I am well-rested and ready to dive back into some hard workouts again. I want to really focus on my nutrition and mental toughness as I feel like those were areas where I experienced some shortfalls as well.

I’ve got a few other races on the calendar as well that I am SUPER excited for! Coming up in only a few short weeks is the BAA 5k! No Boston Marathon for me this year, but I am really looking forward to being part of the festivities by racing the 5k on Saturday. There are also a bunch of McKirdy Trained athletes running the marathon and I’m excited to finally meet some of these folks in person! Marathon weekend is probably one of the most fun times to be in Boston and I can’t wait!

I’ve got a few smaller 5ks and 10ks that I’m looking at doing in the spring. But the race that I am REALLY excited about is my first international race – Rock n Roll Montreal!!!

Montreal Rock n RollI will be running this race as a Bibrave ambassador and I cannot wait. I’ve never run a Rock n Roll race, but I have heard amazing things. It’s not until the end of September, so anyone who wants to join me has plenty of time to sign up! Code BIBRAVE15 will get you $15 off the half or full marathon. 🙂

Half at the Hamptons Recap

Hey All,

I’m back! Apologies for disappearing the past few weeks and leaving you hanging on the Half at the Hamptons. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know the race was not really the result I had been looking for and I needed some time to process it. The week after the race, I was traveling for work so writing the race recap got pushed back even more.

But I’m here now. 🙂

So let’s rewind to two weeks back when my mom and I headed up to Hampton, NH for the race.

When I first started weather-stalking the race (ie, checking weather.com every few hours for the raceday forecast), they were calling for temps in the high 40s and sunny. I got so excited I was even contemplating wearing shorts.

Half at the HamptonsI jinxed myself the minute I posted this tweet.

As the race drew closer, that high temperature steadily dropped. We ended up having a high around 32 and a very cold wind off the ocean. Not exactly ideal racing conditions.

Half at the Hamptons


My mom and I drove up Saturday night as I had decided to book a room in the hotel that was hosting the packet pick-up and post-race party. It was a really cute hotel, right on the ocean. You could tell it was the kind of place that would be PACKED during the summer, but it was very quiet for the beginning of March.

We had a quiet night on Saturday, eating dinner at the hotel restaurant and relaxing with some movies on TV before turning in early. I felt relaxed and honestly I was just excited to race. It didn’t even occur to me to be nervous.

The race started at 10 am on Sunday so I was able to sleep in comfortably. I had my pre-race bagel with almond butter and honey and layered up in my warmest clothes. I picked up my bib easily in the morning and headed out into the cold for a light warm-up.

It became obvious very quickly after going outside just how cold it was. I jogged along the beach for my warm-up and while the views were beautiful, it was kind of hard to enjoy in the wind. Still, I focused on jogging a couple miles knowing how important it would be for my muscles to be nice and warm for the start of the race.

After discussing with Mary, the plan for the race was to go out around 7:45 and to hold that for the first 3 miles. Most of the tempo work we had done during the training cycle was around 7:36/mile, so I knew that was a nice, conservative pace to start with. From there, the plan was to steadily drop the pace, hopefully leading to a negative split. The plan was a solid one, but sometimes even the most well laid-out plans don’t end up happening.

I lined up in the corral with all the other bundled runners and right on time, we were off. This was it. Months of hard work and 5 am wake-up calls were all coming down to this. I was definitely feeling the excitement during the first mile and I had to reign myself in a bit to keep to the 7:45 goal.

Mile 1: 7:46

Mile 2: 7:45

Mile 3: 7:46

My splits were RIGHT ON for the first 3 miles and I was stoked. I felt strong. Then came the straightaway along the ocean. We were running right into a fierce headwind. I tucked in and prepared to dial the pace down a notch.

And nothing. I felt like I was pushing harder than I had in the first 3 miles, but the split on my watch was going UP not down. Mary had advised me not to panic in the event of wind, so I sucked it up and figured I would make up the time in the next few miles once we were off the ocean a bit.

Mile 4: 7:49.

At this point, I still wasn’t too nervous. I thought I’d settle in and be able to work my way down to the 7:30s.

Just as I was thinking this came the hills. I had NOT expected any sort of incline. From what I had been able to find online, the race was supposed to be flat and fast. Well, I overheard another runner say that they changed the course this year so all my research and planning was out the window. I was peeved about the hill, but I sucked it up and did my best to keep running hard.

Half at the HamptonsYeah, that’s not flat.

Mile 5: 7:50

Mile 6: 7:53

At this point, I think I realized that things were really falling apart. Every time the wind would die down and I would think to myself it was time to push, I’d hit a hill and even with the increased effort, my pace would slow. If there wasn’t a hill, then it was the wind slowing me down. I tried to do my gels but I felt like I couldn’t breathe and swallow them at the same time. During my training, I had typically done my gels in between intervals which is all fine and dandy, but when it came down to it, I didn’t feel comfortable trying to take them while running fast. That was a stupid mistake on my part and something I need to think about more for my next half.

Mile 7: 8:16

Crap. At this point, I had really just been hoping to keep all my miles sub-8. So much for that goal.

From there, it was an absolute grind to the finish. I was still hoping and thinking I would finish in under 1:45, but my lofty goal of 1:39 was 100% out the window. Mentally, I just wanted this race to be over.

Mile 8: 7:58

Mile 9: 7:55

Mile 10: 7:58

I felt like absolute crap and knew I only had a 5k to go. I wanted to push. I really did. But we were back at that straightaway along the ocean and the wind was blasting me. I watched the pace fall off on my watch and felt absolutely powerless to do anything about it.

Mile 11: 8:00

Mile 12: 8:12

Mile 13: 8:21

I crossed the finish in 1:45. I immediately felt a sense of defeat upon seeing the clock. Not only did I miss my goal, but I didn’t even break my PR. After all the effort and all the training, I failed.

Half at the HamptonsHappy to be done. Not happy with the result.

My mom and I hurried back into the hotel to warm up. It seemed like it would have been a pretty nice post-race party with free beer, soup, and hot chocolate, but I didn’t feel much like celebrating. My stomach also felt like it was tied up in knots, much the way it gets after a marathon.

So obviously, I’m still disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal. But here’s the thing: I KNOW I’m in awesome shape and better trained than the last time I ran a 1:45. I KNOW I’m capable of a faster time. And now that I’ve had some time to let that sting of disappointment fade a bit, I look back and think ‘hey, I raced really freaking well for those conditions.’ My average pace ended up being 7:58/mile and to run that on such a terribly cold, windy day on a course that threw a few significant climbs my way? That’s actually a solid performance.

Everyone has races that don’t go their way. That’s part of the sport. You try to control everything you can in training, but on the actual day of the race, you also need a little bit of luck for everything to come together perfectly. It didn’t happen for me at the Half at the Hamptons, but that’s ok. All it means is that I need to start hunting for half marathon #18 so I can give sub 1:45 another shot.

Half Marathon Training: The FINAL Check-In

Hello again!

Apologies for the lack of posts last week. While I love blogging, my work during the week pretty much restricts my blogging time to only weekends. This can make things a little hectic trying to squeeze in all of my runs, chores and a week’s worth of blog posts in the span of 2 days. Last weekend, I felt like I needed the time to really decompress, but I’m back now!

Rather than share 2 week’s worth of workouts (which would probably be pretty boring), I wanted to touch on some highlights and my thoughts about the Half at the Hamptons being THIS SUNDAY!

Excited but nervous gif | 2 Generations RunningYes, exactly.

Two weeks ago, I had my last long run/hard workout on Saturday and it did NOT go well. The workout was 3 mile warm-up followed by 3 x 2 miles at 7:32 with 2 minutes rest between sets and a 3 mile cool-down. I knew it was going to be hard, but I can honestly say I wasn’t dreading this workout. I made sure to get a good night’s sleep and I felt ready to tackle it in the morning. The only bit of trepidation I felt was in that I was visiting my family for the weekend and the roads around my hometown are hillier than my typical running routes around my apartment. I knew it was going to be a struggle running 7:32 pace with hills thrown in. Boy, was I right.

I picked the least hilly area I could find, which still included 2 short but steep-ish hills. I went into the 2-mile repeats and knew pretty much right away it was not going to be a good day. My first set was 7:39 and 7:57 but then I fell apart even more on the second and third sets. I felt like I was working hard but I was literally GASPING for air and could NOT make the pace on my watch nudge down to the low 7:30s. Mentally, I was frustrated and already beginning to have doubts about the half. It was, by far the worst workout I have had this entire training cycle.

I ended up chatting with Mary (my coach) the next day, and she reassured me that this happens and is not the end of the world. One bad workout does not undo 3 months worth of good workouts. I felt 100 times better after talking it through with her, and I don’t think this workout will negatively affect my mindset going into the race this weekend.

Now, I am officially in Taper Town! I think I simultaneously love and hate the taper. I love knowing the race is coming up and running easy miles, but I do feel like my body/mind tend to freak out a bit. I had a few minor aches and pains during some of my easy runs this week (some pain in my achilles, a pain in my hamstring). When these would pop up, I would immediately start to wonder if I’m injured, if I’ll be able to do the race, etc… But all these little aches ended up going away after a mile or two, so thankfully I think I will be in perfect condition for Sunday. 🙂

This past weekend, I had an easy 8 miles on Saturday in beautiful mid-60 degree temps which was GLORIOUS!

2 Generations RunningNothing like wearing shorts on February 25th!

Everyone was outside on what I like to call “my” running route but I guess I can share if it means more nice weather in the future. 😉

This week I have a few more easy runs on the agenda, but nothing too crazy.

How was your week? If you’re in the Northeast, were you able to get outside and enjoy this amazing weather? 

How do you react to the taper?

Half Marathon Training Check-In #5

Happy Monday everyone!

After the most boring winter ever, New England finally got hammered with a nor’easter this week and now the snow just seems to keep coming. It’s made for A LOT of treadmill runs this week. Honestly, I’m starting to get sick of it. I will take heat and humidity, I just want to be able to run outside again! But anyways…

The half marathon is 3 weeks away and after this week, it looks like my training is beginning to taper. I hope I’m ready. Here’s what the past week of training looked like.

Monday – Easy 4 miles on the treadmill in the morning. I was a little sore after Sunday’s long run/workout the day before but not terrible.

Tuesday – Easy 60 minutes also on the treadmill.

Wednesday – I had been pretty tired the night before so I decided to sleep in and do my run in the evening. I knew temps were forecasted to be uncharacteristically warm (high 40’s) so I figured I would run home from my office in the evening and tack on a couple miles for a total of 6. It was probably a good thing that I did this because when I went outside Wednesday morning, everything was a SHEET of ice – it was literally everywhere. If I had gotten up in the dark to go to the gym, I would almost certainly have slipped and fallen.

Thursday – Workout day. This time it was a 2 mile warm-up followed by 6 x 800 meters at 6:53 pace with 2:30 recoveries, followed by a 2-mile cool down. This was tough, but doable. I felt this in my quads and I KNEW I was going to be sore the next day. I knocked this off on the treadmill and the snow was just starting to fall as I came home. Unlike most of Boston, I still had to go to work but it was kind of cool seeing the city so empty and so snowy!

2 Generations Running

Friday – As expected, I was very sore. Luckily, I only had an easy 35 minutes to run which I knocked off on the treadmill since the streets were a slushy, icy mess. Later, walking to work, I slipped on some ice and fell flat on my back. The joys of winter… So in addition to my quads being wicked sore, my tailbone was also in pain. What a week.

Saturday – Easy 6 miles. The streets were still in terrible shape so once again, it was treadmill time. Thankfully, the Bibrave podcast kept me entertained through it and my quads were finally starting to feel normal again.

Sunday – Long run day and of course, there was more snow in the forecast. Ugh. I debated breaking up the run to do my first couple easy miles outdoors but the streets still were not in good shape and it would have required a lot of wardrobe changes going from street to treadmill. So I decided to suck it up and do the whole thing on the treadmill. The workout consisted of 2 mile warm-up, 1 x 3 miles at 7:32, 1 minute jogging recovery, 1 x 1.5 mile at 7:32, 5 minute jogging recovery, then 5 x 400 meters at 6:52 pace, capped off with 2 mile cool-down.

I really would have preferred to have done this on the road, BUT 11.15 miles later, it was complete. It was actually kind of nice that there were so many parts to this workout because it made it go by a lot faster. It was also probably good for my mental toughness.

Total # of Workouts: 2

Total Mileage: 45.5

Are you as sick of winter yet as I am? 

Thoughts on Hard Workouts

Happy Wednesday!

As you all know, I started working with a coach in early November. I was ready for some extra guidance to help me reach my goals and wanted a little more support than a training plan copied out of a book can offer.

Coaching | 2 Generations RunningSo far, it’s been an AWESOME experience. I used to think I understood what I was doing with easy days and workouts but looking back now, I feel like I was blissfully ignorant. I would do my workouts, but I always targeted paces I knew I could hit. I didn’t like to fail (and I still don’t). And then I would always follow up workouts with total rest days, which meant I wasn’t running as many easy aerobic-building miles as I could have been.Consistency | 2 Generations RunningThings are finally getting consistent.

But the thing about targeting paces you know you can hit is that it means you aren’t really pushing yourself as hard as you could be. My coach has given me workouts that excite me, but also sometimes leave me questioning whether I’ll be able to complete them and hit the prescribed paces. But I’m learning to trust her and just give the workouts a shot. Sometimes I nail the workouts and sometimes I don’t. Last week I had a workout of 2 x 2 miles at 7:36 followed up with 5 minutes at 6:59. I was pretty much right on for the 2 mile repeats, but that last 5 minutes? I was WAY off – I averaged 7:24, basically 30 seconds slower than what I was aiming for and I was spent. I knew going into that interval that I didn’t have 6:59 in me, but I was willing to give it my all. And if I wasn’t working with a coach, I don’t think I would have ever given myself this workout or pushed myself this hard.

Half Marathon Training

10K PR | 2 Generations Running

Casually running 10k PRs in workouts these days.

So I’m learning that these difficult workouts are supposed to ride that line between what you’re capable of at your current fitness level and where you are trying to get to. And that’s where the improvement comes from. Before I started working with my coach, I was thinking about targeting 1:41 in the half marathon (a 4 minute improvement for me). And even that I worried, would be too aggressive. And after a few months of coaching, I am pretty darn confident I can do even better than 1:41 (though I really don’t want to jinx anything by saying that). Just have to wait till March to see what happens though. For now, I’m going to keep trusting the process and giving it my all in those hard workouts.

How’s your week going so far? Any tough workouts coming up? 

Half Marathon Training Check-In 2

Hey there and happy Monday folks!

I am off to North Carolina for a quick business trip today but I wanted to pop in and tell you all about another solid week of training in the books!

Monday – MLK Day so I got to sleep in AND go for a run! 60 minutes easy which came out to just about 6.2 miles. Brady joined me for a little cool-down in the backyard. 🙂

img_2331-editedTuesday – Treadmill workout Tuesday and boy, this was another challenging one. I had a bit of an epiphany during this run which I’m saving for another post. The workout itself consisted of a 1.5 mile warm-up, 2 x 800 meters @ 6:58 with 3 minute walking recoveries. Then, 4 x 400 meters @ 6:32 with 90 second recoveries. Rinse and repeat (i.e., did the whole thing twice). 1.5 mile cool-down. Mileage-wise, this came out to 8.7. Since I was running on the treadmill, I just dialed into the correct paces and tried to put myself on auto-pilot, but it was hard. I’d be curious to see how this one would go if I was running it on a track.

Wednesday – Rest day! Even though I didn’t have a run scheduled, I had really good intentions to get up at my regular early time and go to the gym to fit in my core/strengthening routine. But I wimped out and slept instead. I’m not beating myself up about it, but I do hope that I limit these occurrences.

Thursday – 5 miles on the tread. Kept them nice and easy.

Friday – 45 minutes easy, on the treadmill in the evening. I was pretty surprised how crowded the gym was for a Friday evening! When I first got there, I walked into the locker room to drop off a few of my things and was amused as I saw a guy staring at his phone so intently and not looking up at all – walk straight into the womens locker room. Luckily no one was in there (apart from me) when he walked in there and he had the decency to look super embarrassed when he realized what he’d done.

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY! I mentioned this last week, but I’m really loving having long runs back in my routine. I wouldn’t say I’m itching to get back to running 20-milers but 10-15 miles is right in the sweet spot. 🙂 I knew this workout was going to be a challenge but I was excited to see how my legs would handle it. 8 mile warm-up followed by 20 minutes aiming for 7:36 pace. My actual splits were 7:35, 7:35 and 7:36 so RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I definitely felt wiped after it though and my last cool-down mile was nice and slow. Total distance came out to 11.98 miles. Honestly, I would have just run the extra .02 to make it an even 12 but I ended the workout on my watch before I realized. Oh well, I know there are longer runs in my future.

2 Generations Running

Sunday – 40 minutes nice and easy. I ran on the treadmill at the gym, entertaining myself with a couple episodes of The Office before switching over to some core work.

Total Mileage: 40.8

Total Workouts: 2

How was your week? Did you watch any of the football games this weekend?

Half Marathon Training Check-In

Happy MLK Day!

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. I’ve been doing LOTS of running and cooking from Run Fast, Eat Slow so I’d say it’s been a productive weekend. 🙂 I actually had our first recipe post all typed up and ready to go and meant to publish it last Friday, but somehow totally forgot to schedule it. Whoops. So that went up yesterday and you can catch up here if ya missed it!

This week included both my highest mileage run since Baystate as well as the most miles I’ve run in a week since I was in marathon training mode. Overall, I feel like my legs are handling it well and I’m excited to be getting back into long runs finally. Here’s how it shaped up:

Monday – 5 miles easy on the treadmill

Tuesday – Workout! 2 mile warm-up, 3 x 5 min @ 7:36, 3 x 2 min @ 6:59, 3 x 1 min @ 6:35, with 2 minute jogging recoveries between each repeat. 2 mile cool-down for a total of 8 miles! I’ve never done speed work at sub-7 minute pace on the treadmill before. Seeing this workout on my calendar was both exciting and scary, but mostly exciting. 🙂 Working with a coach and doing workouts like these has only reinvigorated my love for running if anything, so I think it’s a good sign.

Wednesday – 30 minutes easy on the treadmill which came out to just a hair over 3 miles. My hips felt SUPER tight during this run. I made sure to do some stretching and core work afterwards which I think helped.

Thursday – 60 minutes easy. I actually ran this one outside since Boston got hit with a weird heat wave and temps were in the mid 40s, even at 5:30 am. It was a nice break from the treadmill.

Friday – 4.7 miles easy, back on the old ‘mill. I think the front lady at the gym is starting to remember me.

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY. I was so excited to see this double-digit distance on my workout calendar. The fact that I was so excited to get back to running 10+ miles probably means I’m officially a crazy distance-running nut if I wasn’t already. This one was a doozy and it probably didn’t help that I stayed out late with friends the night before. But oh well. This consisted of: 2 mi. warm-up followed by some dynamic drills + stretching. I’m pretty sure I got some weird looks from my neighbors doing high knees and butt kicks down my street, but what can ya do.

Then, I got into the good stuff. 1 x 4 miles at 8:05 was the goal. Actual splits were 8:06, 8:02, 7:59, 8:05. The first mile felt so fast compared to my warm-up pace but then I settled into it and was really happy with how it felt. Then it got tougher though. 2 x 1 mile at 7:36 with 3 minute walking recoveries. Actual splits were 7:34 and 7:39. The last one was hard and I think I ran most of that mile a little too slow and then was fighting to make up time during the last .4. That was followed by a 2-mile cool-down. All in all, my warm-up ran a little long and I added a little extra distance to get to my running path before diving into the 8:05 miles, so this came out to 11 miles. Unlike some long runs, I never got bored during this since I was so focused on each individual part of the work-out. It was tough, but really fun.

Sunday – 45 minutes easy, which came to just about 4.7 miles. Brady and I had a little fun playing around in the backyard after. 🙂

Half at the Hamptons Training | 2 Generations RunningI may or may not have a tennis ball behind my back. 😉

Total Miles: 42.6

Total Workouts: 2

That long run has me excited. I still have a month and half till the Half at the Hamptons and if I can continue to run workouts like that, I think I will be in pretty awesome shape. But don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you watch any of the football games (they were perpetually on in my house!)? Any fun plans for your Monday (I’ll be watching The Bachelor this evening!)?

The Past Week of Running

Hello there!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did you get walloped with snow? We got about 6 inches of snow where I am, but it kind of made for a cozy Saturday afternoon! I got my run in early in the morning, went to the gym for a little strength work, and then grabbed a few things at the store (which was mobbed – nothing like a few inches of snow to send everyone in a mad dash to the grocery store.). It was just starting to come down steadily as I got home.

I’ve noticed it’s been a while since I shared what my workouts have been on the blog lately, so I just wanted to pop in and update you all on what my training has looked like lately. Again, my target race is currently the Half at the Hamptons on March 5th. Since Baystate, my coach has been having me slowly build up my base again while adding 1 workout a week that is more speed-focused. I’ve been itching to dive back into tempo runs and double-digit long runs, but Mary has been reining me in a bit which is probably a good thing.

Monday – 4 miles easy.

Tuesday – 45 minutes easy which came out to about 4.8 miles. I ran this on the treadmill at the gym.

Wednesday – 45 minutes easy again, which came to 4.6 miles this time around. Again, on the treadmill.

Thursday – 2 mile warm-up, 4 x 3 minutes @ 7:12 pace with 2 minutes running recovery in between each interval (I typically ran these at around 9:22/mile). 2 mile cooldown. This all came out to 6.4 miles. Again, I did this workout on the treadmill as there was snow in the forecast for the morning.

2 Generations RunningWinter, I’m over you now that Christmas is done. Can we please fast forward to May?? While I thought this sounded pretty straightforward and doable on paper, it was actually pretty challenging. I know I’ve held paces faster than 7:12 for a mile or longer in races, but 3 minutes felt SOOO long on a treadmill during a workout. It was a challenge, but I got it done. And isn’t that the point of workouts?

Friday – 5 miles easy, and you guessed it – this was a treadmill run. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t hate the treadmill the way I used to!

Treadmills | 2 Generations RunningThis hasn’t happened to me. Yet.

Saturday – 4 miles easy. I didn’t plan my route exactly right, so it was actually 4.4 miles. Oops. We ended up getting a decent amount of snow starting around 11 am, so I was glad I knocked this out early in the morning outside before the snow began. Yay for a non-treadmill run! I also went to the gym and did a quick strength/core routine.

Sunday – Rest day! I don’t typically like taking rest days on the weekend since I usually feel like a chance to sleep in (because no work) AND go for a run is the best of both worlds. But I was pretty pooped after this week, and with all the snow that fell the night before, it ended up feeling really good to not have to worry about getting a run in. I did do a quick 10-minute abs video, but I capped it at that since I was pretty sore from my workout the day before.

Overall, a great week! I’m excited to see how the mileage and workouts begin to shift as we get closer to March.

Do you have any goal races for 2017? Anyone else get snow this weekend?