LEGEND Compression: A Review!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Legend Compression Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Happy Friday All!

It’s been a crazy busy week, but I think that has also made it pass faster and here we are at Friday! I’m changing up the schedule a bit and instead of a Run Fast, Eat Slow recipe post I have a review for you today! You may remember a few months back, I reviewed Legend Compressison socks. I was very impressed with their product and happy to support a Made in the USA company. When the opportunity came up to review their compression sleeves, I jumped at the chance. Personally, I tend to be more of a fan of compression sleeves (only wrap around the calf instead of the whole foot) so it was perfect.

Legend Compression Sleeves Review | 2 Generations RunningIt also helps that the arrival of the compression sleeves has coincided nicely with my training for the Half at the Hamptons really picking up. I’ve been running 40-45 mile weeks with some TOUGH interval workouts sprinkled in. I’ve trained hard before but never anything like this.

My motivation to keep up with the training has also been sky-high. I want that PR in March and I’m willing to work for it. That has meant a renewed focus on all of the little things that I tend to push to the back-burner (or throw out the window entirely) in this cycle. I’m doing more core, foam rolling AND prioritizing compression to help my legs recover faster.

Legend Compression | 2 Generations RunningTypically, I’ll knock out my runs pretty early in the morning, shower and get ready for work and put my compression sleeves on for the day (it helps that it’s winter and I don’t have to worry about anyone wondering about what the heck I’m wearing around my calves.)

So far, I can tell it’s been helping. Despite running mileage I used to reserve only for marathon training, my body has been feeling really good. I’ve been tired and ready for bed at 9 pm every night (if not earlier), but my legs feel decently fresh and I’ve been bouncing back from the hard workouts well.

Legend Compression Sleeves Review | 2 Generations Running

Dance, Jump on it…

Just like with their compression socks, the fit of their sleeves is “right not tight“, meaning 15-20 mmHg compression versus 20-30 mmHg more typical with other companies. I have tried both the traditional “tighter” sleeves and Legend Compression and I can honestly say that both types work well for me. However, I have heard plenty of complaints from other runners on how hard it is to pull compression sleeves on, in which case, I would definitely recommend giving Legend Compression a try!

Price-wise, these sleeves are very comparable to the other major brands in the market. At $45 a pair, they aren’t cheap, but they are also well-made and durable – you can tell they won’t fall apart after wearing them a few times (which is a major plus since I have been LIVING in mine lately).

I love the bright blue color and I cannot WAIT to rock these in my next race (yeah, I’m that guy who plans their race outfits WAY in advance…) If you’d like to give Legend Compression a try, you’re in luck – I’ve got a discount for ya! Use code  ‘rave20’ for 20% off your order!

Compression socks or sleeves? Are you in training for any spring or winter races?

It’s Going to Be Legend- Wait for It -Dary: Legend Compression Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Legend Compression Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Happy Weekend folks!

I’m finally back from South Carolina and enjoying Fall in New England more than ever. South Carolina was my last event of the year which means I have a few travel-free months coming my way, which I am pretty darn excited about. More time to run, relax, and gear up for the holidays!

After giving my muscles the better part of 2 weeks to recover from Baystate, I am finally easing back into my runs. So far, I’ve been keeping the mileage pretty low – most of my runs have been around 4-4.5 miles at an easy pace. I have also been pretty religious about using compression gear to help keep my legs feeling fresh.

Legend Compression Wear ReviewEarlier this month, I received a pair of Legend Compression Performance Socks as part of my ambassadorship with Bibrave Pro. Legend Compression Wear is a fairly new addition to the compression market having launched in August, 2015. I had never heard of them before, but as a fan of compression socks/sleeves, I was excited to test their product.

Legend Compression ReviewPart of what sets Legend Compression apart from other compression socks is their motto – “Compression done right not tight”. Their socks and sleeves feature 15-20 mmHg versus the more typical 20-30 mmHg compression seen in other brands. There is some belief that this reduced level of compression is more effective for athletes during exercise (I don’t know if any medical research has been done to corroborate this).

After wearing these socks on a few runs, I can safely say I love them. In the past, I’ve always been more of a fan of compression sleeves because I found that some compression socks pinched my toes and felt too tight (I particularly have this problem with the pair of Lily Trotters I own). Not the case with the performance socks from Legend Compression. They specifically designed the toe bed to be larger with these socks and added an “arch clencher” in the arch of the foot to keep it from moving around while you’re on the run. Both of these features work perfectly – my foot feels cradled and supported while at the same time, I have the extra room to wiggle my toes as needed.

Legend Compression ReviewSome other nice bonuses to these socks:

  • I can pull them on easily. No 15 minute struggle to roll them up my calves.
  • They come in a nice variety of colors, including a couple of shades of blue, white, black, yellow, and more.
  • The material feels soft yet durable.

Overall, I’m very impressed. I haven’t tested them on any particularly long runs given that I received them right after running Baystate, but I’m looking forward to testing them on some double-digit mileage. I have a feeling that these might just become my go-to pair of compression socks.

Ok, now the fun part! The folks over at Legend Compression Wear were generous enough to share a discount code so that everyone can give their products a try! Use code “bibsave15” at checkout for 15% off (and it’s not too early to start buying Christmas presents for your athletic friends/family members!).

Also, a note for all the running bloggers out there – if you’d like to get in on the fun of receiving new products to test (as well as free entries into races), Bibrave is currently accepting applications to be a Bibrave Pro for 2017! It’s a great community of runners and bloggers and I am having so much fun being a part of it. 🙂

Are you a fan of compression products?

What does your post-marathon (or any big race) recovery look like?

Any big plans or goals for November?

What’s Next?

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a good weekend. I ran this weekend for the first time since Baystate! In all honesty, I really probably shouldn’t have (see below). But I was so antsy to test out my beautiful new Garmin that finally came in the mail!

Garmin Forerunner 235I opted to get the Forerunner 235 because I really wanted the wrist-based heart rate monitoring. It also doubles as a smart watch/activity tracker which I am loving so far. I had the Garmin Forerunner 10 previously, which worked really well for me for just shy of 2 years but lately, it had been showing signs of being on the decline. I had it fully charged for the marathon and it started giving me low battery warnings 3 and a half hours in! I was ready to upgrade anyway so it was kind of good timing.

I also recently received a pair of Legend Compression socks through my ambassadorship with Bibrave and I had to test them out too! SO MUCH RUNNING GEAR!

Legend Compression SocksWhile it was a very short run, my initial thoughts on the socks are very positive. I find a lot of compression socks too tight around the toes (which is why I tend to wear sleeves more often), but that wasn’t the case with these ones. I’ll post an in-depth review in the next couple weeks after testing them out a bit more.

So I ran 3 and a half easy miles on Saturday morning (I am finally back to being able to wear closed shoes, although 5 out of 10 of my toenails are a nice, dark shade of purple currently.) And then that afternoon, I was browsing around the internet and discovered the Hansons Coaching podcast! I had heard of the Hansons Marathon Method, but didn’t know they made a podcast so I was excited to check it out. Of course, the first episode I had to listen to was on marathon recovery. And the first point he made was that most runners should take 10 days – 2 weeks off after a marathon (meaning NO running). Whoops. On Sunday, I revised the error of my ways and went to a yoga class instead.

Whoops GifThe good news is that I’ll be traveling for work this week and will be way too busy to even think about running. When I get back, I’ll be past that 2 week mark and ready to dive back into things! Which leads me to my next point –

What’s next?

I’m really looking forward to getting back to working on my speed. With marathon training, I had to really focus my efforts on increasing my mileage and keeping most of my runs in my aerobic zone. That’s all well and good but I feel like I’ve been doing the same thing since last December when I began training for Delaware. Now, all I want to do is get some turn-over back in my legs by focusing on running some miles in the 7:00-7:30 range! Could I even run a mile sub-7 if I tried?? Maybe! I want to crush some 5ks and 10ks. My new watch doesn’t have any of my previous running data and it currently thinks my Fastest Mile is a 9:32 and Longest Run is 3.5 miles. Not gonna lie – I’m irrationally annoyed by this.

Luckily, Boston is a great place for running in the Fall. 🙂 There are 5ks practically every weekend and I am thinking of taking a page out of Hollie’s book and doing a lot of racing over the next few months. I’m considering targeting a half marathon PR in February.

I’m far from being done with marathons. But I’d like to give myself some time to get some speed back and THEN see what I could do in a marathon heading into a training cycle with a stronger foundation.

So that’s the plan in a nutshell for now!

What’s on your calendar for the next few months? Any Garmin fans out there?