Marathon Training: Over the Half Way Point!

Hey there! This is Nora’s Mom again posting today 🙂

This week, as we prepared for the New Bedford Half Marathon, we finished up week nine of our 16 week marathon plan, so thought it was worth a few words.

So far, we’ve been very lucky! No injuries and though we have sometimes had to make modifications in the plan to accommodate schedule conflicts (mostly Nora because of her job), things are going pretty smoothly.

2 Generations RunningThe brighter the sneakers, the faster we run.

The only thing was that, on my end, I was having a bit of trouble with sore toes. I felt this was to be expected after the hilly course at Stu’s, but the following Sunday, my toes hurt from the very beginning of my 14 miler. I managed to get in the miles, but was forced to admit that the pair of Saucony Triumph sneakers I had bought at the Bay State expo were the problem. Now I’ve worn this model for at least four years and loved them, but, by mistake, I bought this pair a half size bigger than I usually wear. Oops (The good news is that I don’t think I will forget my “running shoe” size again!). When I noticed this back at home, I decided it would probably be ok. And I think it was, for a couple of months, but as we get into the higher mileage, it’s clearly started to be a problem. So I was off to see my friends at Fleet Feet, where they set me up with the new version of the Triumph 11, the Triumph ISO. After one run in these, my feet were so happy I felt a little foolish that I hadn’t broken down and switched sooner. And they are such a pretty color! (It’s a little scary, but I’m calling them BQ Blue!)

They felt great on my nine miler and on the New Bedford Half, so hopefully no more “tender toes.” (which usually means several black toenails. )


Nora’s Thoughts on Marathon Training So Far:

Like my Mom mentioned, I also feel incredibly lucky that so far (fingers crossed so I don’t jinx this), I’ve been getting through the training block with no major injuries. The only issue I had was some pain in my heel that I think I mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago. Since experiencing that, I decided to buy a nice, black pair of sneakers that wouldn’t look weird paired with my regular clothes when I went to work. I’ve been wearing those sneakers every single day since I got them, and my feet have never felt happier! I think I will have to save my cuter, more fashionable shoes for after May 8th.

The other challenge has been all the travel I’ve had to do for my job lately. I spent a week in Texas, and missed every single workout while I was gone. My ankles also ended up covered in fire ant bites and blisters from that trip, and it took several days for the swelling to go down – not ideal for training. 😦 Running New Bedford after that trip was definitely challenging, but I’m hoping my fitness will bounce back quickly.


On Sunday, we ran the New Bedford half and since this was Nora’s birthday week race we thought we would not be too aggressive, but just try to have some fun. Despite it being another cold morning for the first day of spring and our enthusiasm levels being somewhat low, we both managed to enjoy the day and run great races!

New Bedford Half MarathonI took 2 minutes off my previous best from the Cox Providence Half, and finished just a few minutes behind Nora. This was my 13th half, and Nora’s 14th, which is crazy to think about. We celebrated at home with a delicious home-cooked meal of bacon-wrapped scallops, salads and cheesecake (Nora’s favorite). March has been our own running-inspired version of March Madness with 3 races in 4 weeks and now the two of us are both looking forward to a break from racing until the marathon.

Wish us luck! 🙂

I’m Still Alive!

So I haven’t done a post to the blog in over 2 weeks now. OOPS! Yes, I’m still alive and well – life has just been insane.

For the sake of catching you all up in a timely manner, here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve been up to lately.

  • The weekend after the Augusta Half, my mom and I both ran Stu’s 30k race. We had done it before, but only ever as a relay. This year, we each ran the full 18.9 miles. It was a challenging and hilly course, but we were both pretty happy with how we did.
  • The following week, I traveled to Texas to work an event for my job. I was there for just under a week, which really threw a wrench in the marathon training gears. If I were to sum up the trip in a few words, it would be: fire ants, flooding, stress, and lack of sleep. Oh, and my phone also got run over. So yeah… That’s all I’m going to say about that.

life sucks GIF


  • This past weekend, my mom and I celebrated my birthday by running ANOTHER half marathon, the New Bedford Half.

New Bedford Half MarathonI have to admit, I was still pretty exhausted and beat up going into this race and was not quite as excited and enthusiastic for it as I usually am. Still, it was a great event and my mom managed to shave 2 minutes off her PR, running well under her goal marathon pace for the entire 13.1 miles (I think that’s a good sign!). I was about 10 seconds off my goal pace, but considering I hadn’t run in a week and was not feeling in peak condition, I’ll take it.

New Bedford Half

So to summarize – the marathon training is still happening, but life has 100% thrown some challenges my way lately. Now, I’ve just got to focus on resetting and not letting that missed week freak me out too much. It sucks that I basically missed a whole week of running, but I know in my heart of hearts, it was unavoidable, so I can’t really feel guilty about it. I just need to double-down and get back to the plan.

2 Generations RunningHave you ever missed a whole week of workouts during a training block? How did you adjust? Did anyone else race this weekend?