Bay State Marathon: The Final Week (Guest Post)

So after a long absence, here I am! In fact, I had started a post at the mid-way-training point for the marathon, and never finished it, then had hopes of writing one at week 12, and never got around to that either! I think working at my local farm stand, my vacation on the Cape with hubby, and then moving Nora into her new digs all had something to do with that – not to mention all the running!

Chatham, MAAt least I had some beautiful views for my training runs on the Cape!

But in any case, here we are at week 15!! Marathon #2 is THIS WEEKEND!

Bay State Marathon | 2 Generations RunningI have to say this year’s marathon training plan seems to have gone well (though obviously, more will be revealed on race day). Still, I made it through a more ambitious plan than I had used previously and managed to do so without apparent injury. Knock on wood!!

Aside from following the training plan’s  running schedule  (the intermediate plan from Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons and Half Marathons <- great resource!), these are the things I tried to do consistently these last 4 months:

I ate a lot of ginger and drank ginger tea. (I boil slices of ginger in water, drink the water and eat a few slices of ginger every day. It isn’t the most pleasant thing, but considering that I have only taken Ibuprofen once in the last four months, I have to think it is doing something good for me.)

I make sure I eat well before those long runs. I learned last year that skipping the meals leading up to a long run really affected how I felt, so this year I was mindful about eating, especially those lovely carbs!

I have been more diligent about eating breakfast, even if I am not running. This is actually hard for me, because I am not a breakfast person, and I really don’t want to eat in the morning. Maybe ice cream would go down more easily, but wait…I think Nora and I learned that ice cream is not really a good running fuel. 😉

I have been much more diligent about stretching and using my foam roller after a run, and even on rest days. To make sure I don’t skimp on stretching I have made it a sort of ritual, with a little incense and some wonderfully relaxing music by R. Carlos Nakai. After some of his wonderful Native American songs, I feel re-energized and ready for anything.

I am also trying compression socks/sleeves for the first time. As the weather has gotten cool, I have worn them on longer runs and also the day after, and my legs feel great. I began to think there was really something to this when I ran 12 miles in the morning and then worked at the farm stand where I was on my feet for the next  5 hours – and felt no fatigue at all!  (Can’t wait for my Lily Trotters to arrive, maybe in time for Bay State?!!)

But no one is perfect and these are the things I have not been able to do:

I cannot seem to get to bed “early”. I’m kind of a night owl and even when I have a long run scheduled, I can’t quite get to bed at a reasonable time. I seem to be addicted to the shows that come on at 10PM. (ie, How to Get Away with Murder and Castle….)

Bay State Marathon | 2 Generations RunningAnd I can’t give up my glass of wine!! ( I suppose I wouldn’t be French if I could.)

Bay State Marathon| 2 Generations RunningWhere would I be without my life coaches? 😉

So with two weeks to go, I know that it’s time to take a breath, enjoy these two “taper weeks” and trust that I have done the work. And as long as we don’t have snow to contend with (which is actually a HORRIBLE POSSIBILITY given the current forecast), I’m pretty confident I will run a good race.

Wish Nora and I luck! Runner friends -which do you enjoy more: tapering or carbo-loading? 


Hello again!!

Hi GIF | 2 Generations RunningLife has kept me pretty busy on the weekends lately – 2 weeks ago, I was traveling for a wedding and this past weekend I spent away working at a race in Pennsylvania. I pretty much rely on weekends for writing my blog posts, which is why I have been a little MIA lately. I think that I had some crazy idea that with my new apartment and shorter commute, I would have more time on my hands for blogging, but if anything, I just seem to have gotten busier (why does life always do that?).

But since I am back, let’s talk about running since that is what I like to do around here! The Bay State Half Marathon  (and marathon in the case of my mom!) is THIS WEEKEND! Ahhh! I’m so excited for it – I think I’ve been experiencing a little race withdrawal since the end of the summer 5k series. But with traveling these past two weekends, I was a little concerned about not being able to squeeze in a final long run before the big day. My training for this half has been very loosey goosey to say in the least, but after running 11 other half marathons, I kind of know the drill. Given that my previous long run of 14 miles was at least 4 weeks ago, I figured it would be on the smarter side if I could squeak in at least a 9-miler. Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter around here, so that left me with only a few options: 1) Try to run 9 miles after work, where I would be able to start in daylight but would end in the dark OR (2) Get up early to run 9 miles before work, where I would be starting in the dark and finishing just after sunrise. I opted for #2, but I did the first 6 miles on the treadmill at the gym so that I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to see in the dark.

My verdict on treadmill running now that I’ve done it several times in a short span?

2 Generations RunningI honestly kind of hate it. The miles drag by SO SLOWLY and I just get so sweaty without any breeze and on top of that, I’m bored. But enough of the pity party. I guess if anything, treadmill running makes me appreciate outdoor running more, because check out this sunrise (or runrise as I am terming it) I got to see when I went out to the park to do the last 3 miles of my 9-miler:

Runrise | 2 Generations RunningThat view right there kind of made the whole waking up at the crack of dawn thing worth it. The last of my miles flew by, and now I feel ready and confident for Bay State. I’m also psyched to get a weekend at home – my first since I moved out! This week, I’ll just be focusing on a few shorter runs and doing a little carbo-loading (obviously, this is the best part about race week).

Stay tuned this week for a final post from my mom on her thoughts on her training for marathon #2! Hope you have a great week!!

Do you also hate the treadmill? Any strategies for getting through runs you HAVE to do on a treadmill?


The Big Move

Well, it’s official!

I’m all moved out and living in a new apartment!

2 Generations RunningThe weekend was insane with packing, a trip to IKEA, and generally trying to sort out my life (hence, the lack of blog posts). My workouts were as scant as my blogging. I only ran once, and it was a 5-miler on Saturday. This run was a mixed bag for me. I had been dealing with the aftermath of a cold and/or allergies at the time, and was still pretty congested. I told myself that I would go out and run 5 miles and not worry about the pace. Well, the good news is that I was pretty easily able to run sub-9 minute miles (around 8:50/mile on average), without it being too hard. But as far as runs go, it wasn’t great. I hate feeling like I can’t breathe through my nose on a run.

Allergies gif | 2 Generations RunningIt’s the worst.

I’m hoping I’ll still be ready for Bay State in 2 and a half weeks! My training has definitely been less than strict for this half (to put it mildly), so I’m just not sure what that will translate into as far as a time.

But the good news is, I’m finally feeling better and ready to get back to running (minus the congestion) and exploring my new area! So far, I’m loving the new location. Today, I joined the gym that is literally directly across the street from me. It’s going to be perfect come winter when the streets are icy and gross with snow, and I don’t want to risk my life trying to run.

2 Generations RunningWinter is coming.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

The Falmouth Road Race: Part 2 [Race Recap]

So, as promised I’m back to give a full rundown of the Falmouth Road Race! (See Part 1 here.) I’ll get into more specifics, but to start, here are the positives/negatives about the race:


  • Very well-organized. There were PLENTY of shuttles, and porta-potties everywhere you looked from the shuttle pick-up point in Falmouth to the starting area in Woods Hole.
  • Tons of crowd support. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever run a race with this many cheering fans crowding the roads, and it really does give you a HUGE adrenaline boost. I’m glad that the locals don’t mind 10,000+ runners taking over their city for a few days because all the support really does make a big difference.
  • Beautiful course. It’s the Cape, so you know it’s going to be beautiful, but somehow, it still managed to surprise me.

Ok, now here are a few negatives:

  • The course is CROWDED. Even with staggered start times, the group never thinned out along the course, so my mom and I were doing a ton of weaving, which did get tiring.
  • You have to get to the shuttle pick-up point very early (my mom and I got there around 6:15 or so), but then you end up having HOURS to kill at the start in Woods Hole. Not a huge issue, but I do prefer races where you can sleep in a bit more, especially if it’s a 9 am start time.
  • It’s an expensive race for 7 miles. Yes, it’s a great experience. But at least for me and my mom, if we’re going to spend good money on a race, we’d rather it be a half or full marathon.

Ok, now for the specifics of the day!

Because the course is point-to-point, my mom and I took the shuttle from the finish in Falmouth to Woods Hole bright and early. The good news about being there 3-ish hours before the race was that we were able to grab a couple of iced coffees at a little local bakery while we walked around, checking out the views along the water.

The Falmouth Road Race |Race Recap2015 Falmouth Road Race Recap

Falmouth Road Race | Race RecapNot a great photo I know, but you can kind of see all the runners hanging out along the water!

Finally, when it was getting closer to 9 am, my mom and I found ourselves a spot in the middle of the 9:00 min./mile corral (it was self-seeded based on the honor system). This part was not the most fun. It was already hot and sunny, and we were packed in with other runners.

The Falmouth Road Race | Race RecapBut then, what REALLY annoyed me, was when a group of 4 or 5 girls jammed themselves in front of me and my mom a few minutes before the start, when there really was NO space. They then proceeded to talk loudly about their lives, take a bunch of group photos, and fix their hair (which was essentially right in the face of the runner they had jumped in front of). I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud, and I know running should be a fun, social activity, but they just really didn’t seem to follow any basic running etiquette, and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

From where my mom and I were in the pack of runners, it ended up taking 25-30 minutes for us to actually start after the first waves of runners began at 9 am. But FINALLY, we reached the start and were on our way.

2015 Falmouth Road RaceThe course had more rolling hills than we had expected with it being so close to the water, but luckily, my mom has been doing a lot of hills as part of her marathon training and I’ve joined her for a bunch of those workouts, so we had no problem coasting up and down the small hills, maintaining a pace right around 9 min/mile. Unfortunately, it seemed a lot of people were much less prepared for the hills, so getting around people taking walk breaks was a little challenging.

By this point, it was also really hot – 80s, humid, with absolutely ZERO seabreeze. Thankfully, many of the spectators were out in their front yards with hoses, spraying down runners as needed. My mom and I took advantage of this a bunch of times, and it made all the difference.

At mile 5, my mom encouraged me to take off. She wanted to slow the pace a bit, and I was feeling good so I decided to go for it for the last 2 miles.

Mile 6 split – 8:19, not too shabby for already having 5 sweaty miles under my belt! Mile 7 had a brutal hill into the finish, but the last street into the finish was INSANE – the crowd of spectators was at least 3 people deep, all of them cheering like it was the end of the Boston Marathon. I loved it, and ended up running my fastest split of the day, 8:00/mile, to finish. My final time ended up as 1:03, with an 8:55/mile pace, which I was pretty pleased with, given that I wasn’t really trying to race it, but rather just enjoy the whole experience.

The end was a little confusing. I saw tents along the beach, and automatically assumed that was where the post-race party was, so I hopped out of the finish chute. A few minutes later, my mom called me, trying to figure out where I was. Well after a lot of confusion, I finally realized I was supposed to stay in the finisher chute, and walk about another half mile around a corner – that’s where all the food, porta-potties, and awards were! It didn’t help that by this point, the heat had really caught up to me and I desperately wanted to sit down. But eventually, I caught up to my mom and found out she had only finished a minute behind me! We gladly grabbed food from the awesome spread they had laid out for runners – bananas, bagels, Cape Cod potato chips, cranberry juice, chia bars, and my personal fave – Yasso frozen Greek Yogurt bars.

The Falmouth Road RaceWe also got to see the awards ceremony, where our new buddy Meb got first in the Masters division (for ages 40+), and tenth overall. Woo, Meb! A local woman who is a regular at the Good Times Series 5k my mom and I have been running this summer took first place in the Masters for the women, so that was pretty cool too.

The Falmouth Road Race | Race RecapAfter hanging out for a bit, my mom and I headed out to check out the rest of Falmouth and grab some lunch. We ate outside at a cute little Mexican restaurant that had been taken over by sweaty runners! After seeing some of the other runners enjoying some delicious looking drinks, I decided to order a margarita! It was totally delicious, but I’m not sure my stomach really appreciated tequila after the 7-mile run. 😉

The Falmouth Road Race Race RecapAfter that, my mom and I headed out to beat the Cape traffic heading home. Overall, it was another successful race weekend and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

*Note: I realized I made a mistake in my Part 1 post of the Falmouth Road Race – with the detailed results chart, I was passed by 10 runners during the last mile of the race (not the whole thing), and I passed 246 runners during that last mile.

Have a great day!

The 2015 Falmouth Road Race: Part 1

Hello again!
YES, I’m still alive! Sorry about the little blogging hiatus lately. Life suddenly got crazy busy (in a good way) and my blogging duties had to go on the back burner.
First, some quick updates to bring you up to speed on the Good Times Series 5k:

  • 2 weeks ago, I beat my 5k PR and placed second in my age group! Woo! This past week was insanely hot (again), but despite the ridiculous weather, I was only a couple seconds off my PR time again. This week was also the infamous bikini 5k (although the number of runners brave enough to actually run in full bikinis is pretty limited- neither me nor my mom took the challenge).
  • This week, my mom placed third in her age group, and she’s still holding onto her first place position in the overall age group standings. I am ONE POINT out of first place in my age group as well, which I am completely psyched about because I never expected to be this high in the leader board with such a competitive age group!

Ok, now that you’re all caught up on the 5k stuff, we can talk about the Falmouth Road Race! It was our first time running it this year, and my mom and I headed up to the Cape this past weekend for a little R&R (running and relaxation). I will have a detailed post about the expo/race coming out soon, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Meb Keflezighi gave a Q&A at the expo and then was signing copies of his book after. (For my non-runner friends, Meb is an elite marathoner who won silver at the Olympics for the event in 2004 and just as importantly, won the Boston Marathon in 2014.)

2015 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

  • MY MOM AND I GOT A SELFIE WITH HIM!! Excuse me, while I freak out.
  • 2015 Falmouth Road RaceI bought a pair of compression sleeves at the expo and I’m in love with them.
  • 2015 New Balance Falmouth Road RaceThe race:
    Wow, do I love spectator support. You never realize how much it helps until you run a race like this where there is TONS of it! There was hardly a stretch of this 7-mile course that didn’t have a crowd lining the edge of the course, cheering you on or offering to spray you down with a hose (which was much needed with temps in the 80s and humidity at 1000%).

Falmouth Road Race Recap

  • This race has a LOT of people in it. I looked it up afterwards, and there were 10,692 runners. This meant the pack never really thinned out much on the run, so my mom and I were doing a lot of weaving around, even though we were running the pace of the corral we had lined up with. Not a huge deal, but it means that there were clearly people who had lined up in the corrals ahead of us to run a faster pace, who could not actually run that speed.
  • 2015 Falmouth Road RaceAlong those lines, check out this stat from my detailed results –
  • Falmouth Road RaceI’m pretty psyched that only TEN runners passed me during the race! I ended up finishing in 1:03 and my mom was only a minute behind me at 1:04.

It was an awesome weekend filled with lots of running fun, and I’m nowhere near done talking about it, but I need the upcoming weekend to catch up on posts, so stay tuned next week for more details on this fantastic and extremely fun race! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

2015 New Balance Falmouth Road RaceHave you ever run the Falmouth Road Race? Would you be as excited as I am about a selfie with Meb?!

My First Obstacle Course Race!

Happy Thursday!

Things have been crazy busy again lately, but I’m back! This past weekend I ran my first ever Spartan Race (eek!) and then last night, I ran the first of the Good Times Series 5k carrying a big cardboard box. I know I need to explain more (like why I would run 3.2 miles in sweltering temps carrying a large empty box), but first let me rewind to the craziness that was this past weekend.

Spartan RaceNot only did I run my first Spartan Race this past weekend, but it was a super (a sprint is 3-5 miles, a super is 8-9, and then there’s the beast, which is 12+ miles). Essentially, it would be like deciding to run a 10k without having ever tried a 5k – doable but maybe not the best idea.
Obviously, I’m pretty used to your traditional running races at this point- this, I WAS NOT used to. If I had to pick one word to describe the experience for me, it would be “humbling.” Not in a bad way, but in a “holy crap, these obstacles are really freaking hard” way.

spartan raceLuckily, I did this with a team of 3 other friends. I can honestly say I never would’ve made it through without them- we gave each other boosts to climb up walls that were slick with rain (did I mention it was pouring when we ran?), we motivated each other when certain obstacles just seemed impossible, and we waded through more mud than I could ever have imagined together.

My training for this was definitely half-hearted. I only found out a few weeks before the race that I would actually be running. If I had known sooner, I would have done more upper-body work. Doing the race and going through the different obstacles showed me that this is my biggest weakness, without a doubt. But you know what? I still had fun. Yes, I had moments when I was hanging on to the edge of a wall 8 feet off the ground, where I would get really freaked out and I’d say “I’m good, just help me down, I’ll do burpees!” And my teammates never let me give up. And that was pretty cool.

Spartan RaceThis leads me to my biggest piece of advice if you’re considering trying your first obstacle course race: Do it with friends. Could you do it alone? Certainly. But frankly, it’s kind of nice to have someone you know beside you to give you both the mental and physical boosts you may need. That being said, I did meet a lot of very friendly and helpful runners along the course that gave this race a really nice sense of community. After all, we were all crazy enough to be out running 8 miles in pouring rain through mud that was up past our knees at various points.

Spartan RaceThis is the face I make when I’m concentrating on jumping over a fire.

Doing this obstacle course race has really given me a whole new appreciation for a nice, relaxing half marathon! 😉 No walls to get over or heavy buckets of gravel to carry? What a breeze! Will I do more obstacle course races? Probably at some point. I know I can do better on some of those obstacles, so as always – my mission is simply to just keep getting better. 🙂 That’s why I race.

Spartan Race

Have you ever tried an obstacle course race? How about something that just ended up being a lot harder than you expected?



Block Island Organics Review

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did! I’ve been crazy busy lately (which is why I’ve been away from the blog lately), but I’ve got a fun review for ya today, brought to you by my mom! Enjoy!

Block Island Organics Sunscreen ReviewI love natural beauty products. In fact, for a year now I’ve been using coconut and almond oils on my face and have all but dispensed with store bought creams and lotions.

Except when it comes to sunscreen. Because that is the one thing I won’t mess around with.  When I was growing up sunscreen was not widely used, and since I’m fair-skinned, I ended up getting sunburned frequently. Now, after several small nevi (irregular moles) and one moderate atypical nevus have been removed from my arms and legs, I am more diligent than ever about wearing sunscreen. (Even in winter, I apply it to my face!) And I do visit my dermatologist once a year to make sure there are no changes to my skin.

So I was really happy when Nora told me that we had been sent a natural, chemical-free sun block to review.

Block Island Sunscreen Review  Yep, I get excited about sunscreen.

Block Island Organics is a family-owned suncare focused skin care line based out of Block Island, Rhode Island. They were kind enough to send us their new natural mineral (zinc only) SPF 30 sunscreen to test out.

Block Island Organics Sunscreen ReviewMade without parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes, artificial fragrances and with a non-nano and vegan formula, I was really excited to try this!

And having used it several times, here’s what I found:

The first time I tried it was on a run.  It was 11 AM and I was planning on being out an hour or so. It was very sunny, hot and humid and I since I knew it would be a tough run, I didn’t want to make things worse by forgetting to put on sunscreen.  In most commercial sunscreens the active ingredient is usually the chemical Avobenzone, but in Block Island Suncare sunscreen the active ingredient is the mineral Zinc Oxide. That does make this brand go on a little whiter than most current commercial brands. (Also, I may have just put on a bit too much the first time, but I learned and in subsequent uses, just applied a little less.) Despite its being fragrance free, I thought it did have a little scent, but though it wasn’t the “traditional” sunscreen scent, it was subtle and not unpleasant.

On that first run, it was hot and I sweated A LOT. Then I came home, and after drinking lots of water, I decided I would do a little gardening. It was still really sunny, but I thought “I’ll just do a little…” An hour later, I finally remembered I hadn’t reapplied sunscreen and decided I really should call it quits. As I showered, I noticed I had missed a little spot on my back, where I had not been able to reach, and that spot was slightly red. The rest of me was fine! So where I had applied the sunscreen, it stayed on through a really sweaty workout and an hour of gardening  – and did a great job protecting my skin. 🙂

I’ve also tried it on my face, under my make-up. If you apply too much, you might look a little “ghostly” for a few minutes, but keep rubbing it in. It gets absorbed and it doesn’t hurt to put the excess on your hands to protect them, too. I found that with Block Island Suncare, I didn’t need to use any primer. A dab of sunscreen, followed by a little foundation, was all that was needed. And my foundation looked good all day!

Though some sunscreens go on kind of greasy or oily, this one didn’t feel like that at all. Once it was rubbed in, my skin felt dry and smooth, and I completely forgot I was wearing it.

I don’t know if this product comes in some kind of spray form, but honestly, at this point, I feel that’s the only drawback: you might have to get someone to help you put it on your back, so you don’t miss a spot! And who doesn’t like an excuse for a good backrub?

Block Island Organics Sunscreen

Have a great week!

Are you careful about sunscreen during the summer? 


We Won the Lottery and Other Updates

Happy Memorial Day!

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself"I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! Don’t forget to think about the incredible service men and women who have served our country this Memorial Day.

This week, was a great week workout-wise, but before I dive into that, I have some good news!

My mom and I got into the New Balance Falmouth Road Race!

New Balance Falmouth road RaceThis is a 7-mile road race (random distance I know) that has soared in popularity over the years, hence the lottery to get in. This year will be the 43rd running of the race and more than 11,000 runners will compete, including many elites (Meb was there last year!!!!) We heard about this race through a friend who told us how tough it was to get in these days. We decided to give the lottery a shot, registering as a team (Team 2 Generations Running!), so that way either both of us would get in or neither of us would. So we were pretty pumped late last week when we got this email. 🙂 So we have a fun racecation on the summer calendar now!

After a fun week of doing senior activities at my college and graduating (and doing ZERO running), it was nice getting back into my workout routine this week.

Monday – Dumbbell Strength Class followed by a 2-miler on the treadmill.

Tuesday – My speed workout at the track, that I talked about in this post. It was a doozy, but one that I think I will continue to put myself through. 🙂

Wednesday – 4 miles at an average speed, not too fast, not too slow. My legs were feeling a little tired from Tuesday’s workout.

Thursday – I did this FitnessBlender Upper Body Tabata Workout – Intense 60-Minute Back, Shoulders, and Arms Workout. Because if my legs are sore, why not kill my upper-body too?

Friday – 6 miles with my mom. It was a gorgeous (although slightly warm) day and I wore my Ragnar shirt, which has catapulted into my heart as quite possibly my new favorite running shirt.

2 Generations RunningI had my mom take this picture of me afterwards, mostly because I was curious to see if I could get a halfway decent leaping up in the air and clicking my heels pic. It turned out pretty good! 🙂

On Sunday, my mom and I did a nice 7-miler with our running club, several miles of which were trail running. Some of the more seasoned trail runners of the club offered my mom and I a few pointers on trail running that I am thinking of sharing in an upcoming post.

Overall a pretty great week!

How was your long weekend? Did you do anything special? 

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod: Part 2


Last I left off, we were catching some zzz’s late on Saturday night after completing our first legs of the Ragnar Relay! (Need to catch up on Part 1? Find it here.) Saturday was going to be my tough day – 5.6 miles in the morning followed by 9.4 in the afternoon.

Sleeping in a van that night didn’t make it any easier.

The two guys in our van had packed heavy-duty sleeping bags so they opted to sleep outside on the ground Friday night (*note: it was not exactly warm – probably in the 40’s with a heavy mist/fog). We thought the school the next exchange was occurring at would be open for us to sleep on the gym floor, but no cigar. I curled up in the back seat of the van and did manage to catch a few hours of shuteye. Around 3:30, we got a text that the last runner in van 2 was running. That meant it was time to wake up. We wrapped ourselves in blankets and went to wait for her at the exchange… and we waited.

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod Race Recap | 2 Generations RunningTurns out, she had gotten a little lost and her van ended up having to go back out onto the course to guide her back to the exchange. Oops!

Soon we were back on track though, and my mom started getting ready for her leg – 5.6 miles. We were hoping she would get a pretty view of the sunset, but with all the fog that didn’t really happen. While she was running, I ate a Clif bar, pulled on my headband (SO helpful for disguising my sweaty/unbrushed hair!), and tried to warm up a little.

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod 2015Now that I have a running blog, selfies are part of my warm-up routine. 😉

Before I knew it, my mom was running into the exchange and it was my turn! I was a little bummed that the other runners near us had a few minutes lead on us and were running just fast enough that I couldn’t even see them, so this pretty much felt like your typical solo 6 mile run. Except for the fact that I ran this pretty dang fast! I was trying to enjoy it, but I think part of me just wanted this leg to be over so I could eat breakfast. 🙂

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod Race RecapAll foggy and quiet.

In an effort to make myself relax and not worry about pace, I turned my GPS watch so that the screen was on the underside of my wrist. Still, I ended up running it pretty speedily (I wasn’t exactly complaining but I was a little concerned about those 9 miles I was running later that afternoon!) Average pace: 8:28/mile.

Then it was my other teammates’ turns! Jay headed out to do another 2 legs – here he is coming into an exchange, giving a high-five and heading right back out!

Ragnar Relay Cape CodAnd then the handoff to Kim at the next exchange-

Ragnar Relay Race RecapWoo!

Once we’d all finished our second legs, it was finally time for a nice sit-down breakfast. I think by this point, we were all pretty pumped to eat something that DIDN’T come in a wrapper. I didn’t photograph breakfast, but I had a piece of French toast, some eggs, and a couple pieces of bacon. Perfect running fuel (given a few hours to digest that is)! It was so much fun talking marathons, nutrition, and running with my teammates, many of whom I didn’t know very well before this relay.

After filling up on lots of coffee and big breakfasts, it was nap time. We headed to the next exchange area to relax a bit while Van 2 ran. Fun fact – the school we were at was Meghan Trainor’s high school!

Ragnar Relay Race RecapOnce we were at the school, everyone found themselves a good spot to nap. (Some folks had even brought hammocks with them!)

Ragnar Relay Race RecapI just put the seat in front of me in the van down so I could stretch my legs out on top of it, pulled my headband down over my eyes, and absolutely PASSED OUT. There was a lot of activity with vans pulling in and out of the area and plenty of runners chatting nearby, but I was tired enough that none of it mattered. I woke up around 11:30 feeling much more refreshed. I was also happy that it was finally warm!

By then, it was almost time to run again and I began trying to prepare myself mentally to run over 9 miles. I wouldn’t hate that distance normally, but usually I would have a full night’s sleep and I would run that distance early in the morning before the heat of the day. But hey, that’s not the Ragnar Relay, right?

But more on that in Part 3…

Spring into the Friday Five!

Happy Friday!

I’m so excited for this weekend – I’ve got a fun St. Patty’s Day race (the Nutty Irish 5K Cocoa Run) and some birthday celebrating to do!! 🙂 My birthday was this past week, but I was working that day so the festivities were somewhat limited.

Best Day Ever.But anyways… onto the Friday Five! As always, this link-up is hosted by the wonderful bloggers, Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run, and Cynthia of You Signed Up For What?.

Friday 5 Link-UpThis week’s topic: Spring! Apart from one glorious, random day last week where the temps got into the high 50s, it hasn’t been feeling very spring-like. But hopefully that will turn around soon. And when that finally does happen, these will be some of the things I’ll be enjoying-

1. There are more races to run. Living in New England, the winter weather makes road races pretty darn near impossible. And of course, this past winter actually BROKE the record for snowfall in Boston. But now that the temps are finally starting to warm up, there will be races popping up all over the place and I’m ready to run them all.

2. Not having to bundle up in approximately 1,798 different layers of running apparel. I am so ready to throw on shorts and a t-shirt and hop out for a run. Those days still feel like a distant dream right now…

Friday 5 Link-up | 2 Generations Running


Bring on shorts and sunglasses weather!!

3. Being able to go on trail runs! Since reading Born to Run, I’ve been itching to get off the road. I took Brady for a walk down some trails this past weekend, and they are still COATED with ice (it was a miracle I didn’t fall). Trail running is always beautiful, and such a nice change of pace, and I am seriously longing for those days that are *hopefully* in the near future.

Trail running | 2 Generations Run4. Graduating! While I technically graduated in December, I’ll be heading back to school this May to walk in my graduation. I actually got my diploma in the mail just this week, and they spelled my name right and everything so I think that makes it official. 😉 I’m so psyched to head back in a couple months to see all my friends again and finally celebrate together.

5. Spring means summer is coming! This might not really qualify as a “favorite thing about spring”, but it’s the truth. I love the warm weather and long, sunny days and spring is the first sign that the dog days of summer are on their way!!

Have an AWESOME weekend! Check back early next week for a full recap of the Nutty Irish 5K Cocoa Run 🙂

Are you excited for Spring? What are you looking forward to?