Super Bowl Sunday

Hello again!

Holy crap. That game last night. For most of the game, I felt like I was on the cusp of a nervous breakdown. And then somehow, the Patriots pulled it off.

Super Bowl Win. New England PatriotsI also enjoyed Katy Perry’s halftime performance a lot! Did anyone else really like those friendly dancing sharks?

Katy Perry.I was hoping to see them chase some of the football players. πŸ˜‰

Ok, enough football talk (please don’t hate me if you’re not a New England fan!).

Sunday marked one week since my last (painful) run, so yesterday I was nervous but looking forward to trying running out again, after a week of careful stretching and research of exercises to help with runner’s knee. I taped my knee using KT tape to give the joint a little extra support, bundled up, and headed out, hoping for the best.

2 Generations Running selfie.The good news was, it didn’t hurt as much or as quickly as it did last week. But, definitely not better yet. 😦 Despite the cold, it was a sunny morning and it just felt so dang good to be back outside running (even with my knee not cooperating) that I ended up going just about 2.3 miles2 Generations Running. Garmin ResultMy mom and I had been considering the possibility of an 18 mile race in early March, but after today’s run, I know that’s not going to happen for me. 😦 Thankfully, we hadn’t registered for it yet. While I had been excited about the idea of a new race and another big challenge, for now, I know I have Β to focus on really trying to clear up this knee issue, while hopefully going for some short runs in the meantime. There is a relay option for the race though, so maybe that will be a possibility!

Oh well. As far as times to be injured go, it’s not so bad. We’re supposed to get another 6-12 inches of snow today, so it seems like a fitting time to scale back on winter running (even if it wouldn’t be my first choice).

Have a great Monday (if you’re in New England, enjoy basking in the glow of that win!)