Summer Running Goals

Hey there!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I enjoyed some great runs both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I did 6 miles solo early in the morning before the heat and humidity had ratcheted up too much. Sunday, my mom and I ran with our running club at the monthly brunch run. There’s nothing like a good run followed by an awesome meal with friends. 🙂

So after a few days last week where temps climbed into the 90’s, I think it’s become official – summer is here! I have always loved the season and I would much rather get up early to run before the heat of the day than to sleep in later, but then have to run in the extreme cold. And especially after the winter we had, this warm weather stuff is feeling pretty fantastic.

2 Generations Running. Running in the winter.Thank god all that white stuff is finally gone.

I’ve always loved using the summer as a time to set goals for myself. I tried to set some winter running goals for myself this year, but blizzard after blizzard kept setting me back. But that’s over now and I’m beginning to recover from my snow-induced trauma.

So here are my new and improved goals for this summer! 🙂

Summer Running Goals | 2 Generations Running

  1. Keep doing a speed workout once a week. I haven’t really done speed workouts consistently since my track days, but I kind of enjoy them… Sort of. I think it’s a love/hate thing right now. I’ll report back on how I’m feeling about them at the end of the summer.
  2. Bring down my 5k PR. I really think I can do this one, especially if I keep up with my speed work. There is also a weekly 5k series that my mom and I are going to get back into this summer, so that means plenty of opportunities to break my record!
  3. Continue going to the weekly runs my office holds! I love that I’m working at a place where most everyone is into running too.
  4. Continue strength training. My arms have gotten pretty strong since the winter, and with the help of FitnessBlender videos and my free weights, I want to keep them that way. This won’t be the easiest because I’m working 5 days a week now, still with a long commute, but I want to try to lift at least twice a week (I’ve read that twice a week is the minimum amount of strength training you can do to still see benefits.)
  5. Figure out how to train for an obstacle course race! As part of my new job, I’ll be helping out at one in June – and then running it. I’ll be scouring running blogs for tips, so if you have some, I’d love to hear it! I’m really excited to finally be trying one of these!

Summer Running Goals | 2 Generations RunningSo there you go! I’m excited and ready for some new challenges. 🙂

What are some of your summer running goals? How was your weekend?