Half Marathon Training Check-In #3

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a fun little trip down to North Carolina and got to skip most of that snow/sleet event that hung out over Boston for 2 days, but it feels good to be back and settling into the regular routine once again. As usual, I wanted to update you all on this week’s training!

Even with the business trip sprinkled into the mix, this was one of my highest mileage weeks in a long, long time. My body feels great though! I remember when I was running 45-50 mile weeks in marathon training, I really did feel kind of beat up by the end of the week, both mentally and physically. There was a lot of resting and watching TV on the couch after Sunday long runs. So far, that isn’t the case this time around. I know, I’m training for a half marathon NOT 26.2 miles, but I’m actually running similar mileage to what I ran in peak weeks of training for both Delaware and Baystate. I think it would be really interesting to get into a detailed comparison of these training cycles, but I’ll save that for another post. 🙂

Anyways, here’s how the week shaped up:

Monday – My travel day. However, my flight was around 9 am, so I got up at 4 am to squeeze in a workout on the treadmill. Workout was 2 mile warm-up, 5 x 2 minutes @ 7:25, 5 x 1 minute @ 6:59, 5 x 2 minutes @ 7:25. I had 30 second recoveries on the 2 minute intervals and 90 seconds on the 1 minute intervals. It was tough, but I felt so proud of myself for getting up early to get this done. This was definitely one of those days I would have skipped running if it wasn’t for having a coach.

Tuesday – 6 miles easy. I got up early once again to knock this off on the hotel treadmill. For the first 3 miles or so, I was humming along, doing just fine and then WHAM – the treadmill jerked to a sudden slow-down of just a hair above walking pace causing me to fly forward. Then, within a matter of seconds, it got back up to speed. I was super confused and frustrated. The first time, I just kind of hoped it wouldn’t happen again… But it did. Roughly every quarter to half mile, it would suddenly slow down. But by this point, I really wanted to get the full 6 miles in. I just focused on playing it super careful and got really good at estimating when it was going to slow down on me so I’d be prepared with my hands on the bar.

Wednesday – I was supposed to try to squeeze in another easy 5 miles but I really could not stand the thought of dealing with that  awful treadmill again. The area the hotel was in was also right off a busy highway so running outside was not a safe option. I decided to bag this run.

Thursday – I flew home in the early afternoon, so was able to hit up the comfortable, well-functioning treadmills at my gym in the evening. I knocked off an easy 6 miles with a little core work to round out the day.

Friday – Workout day. This was to consist of a 15 minute warm-up followed by 2 x 2 mile repeats at 7:36 with 3 minute recoveries. Then, 1 x 5 minutes at 6:59. I knew this was going to be super tough, but I was excited to give it a shot. I also ran this one outdoors so I couldn’t rely on the treadmill for hitting the paces.

Here’s how I did – 1st set: 7:36, 7:34. 2nd set: 7:44 (I was 100% riding the struggle bus on this repeat), 7:36. I was happy I was able to bounce back for the 2nd repeat in the set, but this was definitely mentally challenging. I felt like I was working really hard and then I had the 5 minute interval looming over my head. Somewhere during the 2nd set of mile repeats, I realized there was no way I was holding a 6:59 pace for 5 minutes that day. I just didn’t have it in me. So I just said to myself that I would gut it out and give it everything I had for the last interval and whatever the pace was, I wouldn’t be upset about it. It ended up being 7:24. Pretty far off from the 6:59 I was aiming for, but a really solid effort. I think part of the issue might have been that my body was still a little out of rhythm from the travel the day before. I don’t know for sure, but I hope that if I get a similar workout again, I’m able to get a little closer to that 6:59 pace.

The other positive of this run was that it added up to a new 10k PR for me, even with the 3 minute jogging recoveries in between sets! Sure, I don’t race a lot of 10ks, but it still felt like a nice pat on the back. 🙂

Half Marathon Training

Saturday – 60 minutes nice and easy. I had to get up kind of early to fit this run in, which always bothers me on weekends (since my sleeping in opportunities are pretty limited) but the plus side was that I was treated to some beautiful views of the sunrise.

2 Generations RunningWinter running can be kind of pretty I guess if you can get past the cold temps.

Sunday – 12 miles nice and easy. This run felt perfectly comfortable. I did my thing and didn’t worry at all about my pace. I felt really strong and just chugged along, running some pretty heavy-duty hills but handling them easily. It helped that I knew there were going to be teff pancakes from Run Fast Eat Slow waiting for me at home when I finished. 🙂

2 Generations RunningLiterally, there is NOTHING I enjoy more than pancakes after a long run. 🙂

Total Mileage: 47

Total Workouts: 2

How was your week? Can you believe it’s almost February?? 


Run Fast, Eat Slow Post #3: Teff Pancakes

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s post is another Run Fast Eat Slow recipe recap from my mom! Enjoy 🙂

Despite the fact that I haven’t been able to exercise lately (injuries are the worst) I really had a craving for the Teff Pumpkin Pancakes (pg 44). However, I forgot to read through the recipe ahead of time so I didn’t have the canned pumpkin the recipe calls for. [Nora here – This wasn’t the only snafu we ran into with this recipe. I had been on the lookout for Teff at the grocery store so that I could try this recipe as well, but I mistakenly purchased the grain Teff, not the flour so my efforts were foiled right from the get-go].

Still, I was so eager to try this recipe that when I discovered a jar of pumpkin butter in my fridge, I decided to go for it. I  made this small modification in order to indulge my craving and my curiosity about this new kind of flour. (The only other change I made was to leave out the honey since the  pumpkin butter contained some sugar already.)

Otherwise I followed the recipe, including making the batter the night before and letting it rest overnight in the fridge. The batter was thick and a lovely light brown, a bit like the color of whole wheat dough. When I took it out of the fridge the next morning it seemed a bit thicker and had a nice,  almost chocolate mousse airiness to it.

Teff Pancakes | Run Fast, Eat SlowI heated and greased my non-stick pan and ladled out the batter using a small measuring cup. The little blobs you see in the batter are raisins. I found these pancakes cook up just like regular pancakes, except for looking a bit browner. ( I may also have over cooked a couple of mine in an effort to make sure they were done all the way through.)

Teff Pancakes | Run Fast, Eat SlowAnd the verdict? They were delicious! They have a great texture, not grainy but more satisfying than regular pancakes and my son thought they had a chocolaty taste. ( Even with the raisins, he pronounced them “really good”. We ate them with butter and a good Vermont maple syrup and they really hit the spot after coming in from shoveling after the latest snowstorm.

Teff Pancakes | Run Fast Eat SlowWhen I can get back to running, I know I will be making these often!

Pancakes or Waffles? I will pick pancakes every time personally.