Wellness Resource Wednesday #4: Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving GIFI absolutely love Thanksgiving – the food, the family, the intensely competitive annual football games my family always holds. All of it!

Thanksgiving Football | 2 Generations RunningIn honor of the holiday, and Wellness Resource Wednesday, I figured I’d share some articles I found with healthy living tips for Thanksgiving, since it can be pretty unhealthy if you do it the wrong way. But that also doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in moderation! I love pie and will certainly be eating a piece (or two… probably two if I’m being 100% honest).

Wellness Resource Wednesday | 2 Generations Running

From Huffington Post:

From Around the Internet:

Recipes for Healthy Side Dishes:

What is your FAVORITE Thanksgiving recipe (healthy or not)? Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the day with your loved ones!