The Best Podcasts for Runners

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Today, I wanted to share with you all some of the running podcasts that I have been listening to lately (and absolutely loving). Podcasts have really been blowing up in popularity recently and I am so happy that there are so many about running! I almost always listen to podcasts during my morning commute and have also really been enjoying listening to them on easy runs lately. I used to be strictly music for running, but that can get a little boring on easy days so podcasts have been awesome for mixing things up.

The Best Podcasts for Runners | 2 Generations Running

1. The Bibrave Podcast! by Tim Murphy and Julia Montag

Bibrave PodcastThis is one I’ve mentioned on the blog before, but it’s worth repeating since it’s so darn entertaining. Cohosts Tim and Julia do a great job balancing the topics of their own running adventures with conversations about other happenings in the running world. They also interview interesting guests, like the race director of the Boston Marathon, Dave McGillivray, Bart Yasso, and their own running coach Matt Flaherty. Honestly, this podcast feels like a conversation you would have with your running buddy while out on the road.

2. I’ll have Another by Lindsey Hein

I'll have Another Podcast | Best Podcasts for RunnersLindsey focuses on interviews with inspiring female role models in the running world (although they are really less interview-ish and more funny/conversational in tone). She has spoken with many running bloggers I follow and it has been so fun to learn more about them through this format since I am used to just reading about what they are up to on their blogs or Instagrams. I can finally put a voice to the face of these bloggers whose words I’ve been reading online for ages! She’s also a Bachelor fan which means I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends.

The Bachelor gifOr on ABC.

3. Human Race by Runners World

Human Race Podcast | Best Podcasts for RunnersSo Runners World started putting out two podcasts in 2016 – SCORE! Human Race focuses on telling in-depth human interest stories in the world of running. They’ve done stories on a blind runner and his guide, going back all the way to tell the story of how he became blind to how he got started running races (this podcast was episode 11, Bright Eyes, and was one of my favorites). These episodes tend to range from 20-40 minutes, perfect for a short run.

4. Diz Runs by Denny Krahe

Diz Runs Podcast | 2 Generations RunningI discovered this podcast about a month or two ago after seeing on social media that my running coach had been interviewed on it. It’s hosted by Denny Krahe, aka Diz. Each interview starts with Diz asking his guests, “What’s your favorite distance to race and why?” –> some of the answers get pretty interesting! I love when ultra-runners talk about loving the 50k distance because it’s “so short“. LOL. He’s also interviewed a huge variety of guests so you’re bound to find a runner you’re interested in learning more about. This podcast already has over 300 episodes so it’s perfect for digging around to find an old (but new to you) episode when you’ve listened to all your other subscribed podcasts already.

5. How Was Your Run Today? by Bryan Gould and Peter Villa

How Was your Run today podcast | Best podcasts for runnersThese guys are SO FUNNY. I first discovered this podcast after they did an interview with the head coach of my running club. Recently, they did a series of podcasts chronicling Bryan’s training and race at the Millinocket Marathon in the Katahdin region of Maine. It should also be mentioned that this race takes place in DECEMBER. In Maine. Needless to say, they had some hilarious commentary on the race. They also record their podcast in the Cambridge/Boston area so it feels like a hometown podcast and I actually know some of the places and running routes they mention.

6. The Runners World Podcast

Runners World PodcastOne of my absolute favorites and I’m not just saying that because I was on it. 🙂 The episodes tend to be pretty long-format, ranging from 50 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. Usually the bulk of the episode will focus on an interview or discussion (for instance, they did a round table discussion with a small group of female Runners World writers covering the topic of harassment of female runners). They’ve interviewed so many interesting guests from Dean Karnazes to comedian Liz Miele to my favorite buddy Meb Keflezighi. The last 5 minutes or so is called The Kick and they discuss current happenings in the world of running. When the podcast first came out, I was worried it would just feel like a rehashing of articles I had already read in the magazine, but it hasn’t been like that. Sometimes there’s a little overlap, but most of the episodes have been unique to the podcast.


So there you go! Next time you head out for a few easy miles, tune into one of these podcasts for a fun, fresh conversation about running. Then, come back and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments. 🙂

Are you a strict music listener on runs? Do you have any other running podcasts to recommend? 

Things I’m Loving Lately [Running Edition]

Happy Weekend guys!

I know I don’t normally post on the weekends, but lately my schedule has just been nutzo and I’m just trying to fit blogging in whenever I can, so I thought I would pop in and share a post this weekend, before I hit the road again next week (I’m off to South Carolina this time!).

I’ve been a fan of blogs for a few years now and one type of post that seems to pop up again and again is the “Things I’m Loving Lately” type post. It’s interesting to read about products or just random things that people enjoy. Lately, there have been a bunch of running-related products/media that I feel have really rejuvenated my love for running and I figured I’d share some of these items with you all today in a special running-themed “Things I’m Loving Lately” post.

My new pink Trekz Titanium Aftershokz wireless headphones.

Trekz Titanium Aftershokz Headphones | 2 Generations RunningI received a pair of these as part of my ambassadorship with Bibrave (learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro here) I’ll be posting a full review of these beauties in the next week, but as a preview – I LOVE THEM. I have always used headphones with wires and never really thought they bothered me, but running with NO cords (the headphones connect to the music on my phone through Bluetooth) has been amazing. Another interesting feature of these headphones is that they actually don’t go into your ears – they rest on the bones right next to your ears and you hear the music through the vibrations created. This allows you to pick up on the ambient noise of your surroundings, which is a huge safety benefit (especially with all the scary stories that have popped up lately about female runners). Stay tuned for my full review later this week!

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Shoe Dog Review, Phil KnightI picked up Shoe Dog while on vacation in Utah because I knew I was going to need something to keep me entertained for the long flight home. It’s a memoir written by the creator of Nike, and it is SO GOOD. It’s easy to think of Nike as this huge symbol of athletics and a billion-dollar brand and to kind of assume they’ve always been that way. It’s been so fascinating to read about all the struggles the business went through when it was just starting out, and it’s really given me a new respect for the brand. It’s so crazy to think about how far they’ve come, especially watching the Olympics and seeing so many of the world’s best athletes sporting Nike gear. I highly recommend this book, and think runners and non-runners alike would enjoy it!

Mystryde Classes

Mystryde Boston | 2 Generations RunningNow that I’m officially signed up for another marathon (eek), I want to make sure I’m putting in the work to have a good result come October 16th. The Mystryde treadmill classes are killer workouts and just what I need. I went to one this past week and got in 6.5 miles of hills, sprints, and hard running. The instructors are fantastic and very knowledgeable about running. I think incorporating these classes into my training plan once a week will be very helpful getting me ready for Baystate.

The new Bibrave Podcast

Bibrave PodcastI love running podcasts, but I tend to listen to them faster than they can be produced. 🙂 That’s why I was so excited to see Bibrave coming out with their own podcast! It’s a great, informal discussion of what’s going on in the running world and despite being only 5 episodes in, it’s quickly become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.

Hope you all have a good weekend! I’ve got a 15-miler on the agenda for tomorrow so wish me luck! 🙂