Getting Back into the Routine

Happy Monday and happy April!!

I don’t care that it snow/sleeted all Friday and Saturday in Boston. I can feel that Spring is coming and warmer weather too. This winter feels like it’s gone on FOREVER. New England may not have figured out that it’s Spring yet, but that’ll come. 😉

I mentioned briefly in my last post, but I recently got back from a week long work trip that really messed with my routine. I was staying in some pretty old hotels in the middle of nowhere (but right off the highway of course) so my running was SUPER limited. I managed to squeak in one easy 4.5 miler one day and did get to take in a nice view of the sunrise.

2 Generations RunningSince getting home, I’m sliding back into my structured training regimen again. I did some easy 45 minute runs this week and then a workout on Saturday.

Because of the slushy snow, I was forced to take my workout to the treadmill AGAIN. Even with running indoors, I still managed to soak my sneakers through on the 2-minute walk over to the gym. Nothing like starting a workout with water squishing around between your toes!

Face palm | 2 Generations Running

The workout was 2 mile warm-up, then 6 x 2 minutes at 7:30 with 1 minute recoveries. 3 minute recovery then another set of 6 x 2 minutes followed by a 1 mile cool-down. The total distance ended up being just about 7.3 miles. It wasn’t super easy but it was fun to be working hard again and the intervals made the time on the treadmill fly by.

A few weeks back while I was still recovering from the Half at the Hamptons, I tried out a yoga class for runners near my office. It was called ‘Stretch and Strengthen’ for runners and focused on strength in the glutes, hamstrings, and core. I’m not a huge yoga fan but I REALLY liked this class. The instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable and the class was very dynamic. There were only 3 of us in the first class I went to (and 4 in the second) so the small groups make for a lot of personal attention and form corrections which was awesome. I could tell I had worked muscles that weren’t used to it by the slight soreness I felt the next day. I think the class could be a really good addition to my training regimen so I’m going to try to keep up with going to it on a weekly basis as much as possible.

How was your weekend? Are you as happy as I am that it’s finally April?

The Final Race Preparations

I am so freaking excited for this weekend.

I know the nerves will probably kick in at some point, but for now, I’m just really looking forward to everything about this trip – checking off another state (this will be #11!), a fun road trip with my mom, and obviously, THE MARATHON!

This last week has been full of some of the more fun (and equally important) aspects of preparation. 🙂 The 20 mile runs are behind me, and I am fully embracing the taper. I hear some runners get freaked out by cutting their mileage back so much during a taper. I don’t. I’m one happy camper.

So the final preparations have consisted of:

1. Getting my nails done.

Delaware Marathon Nails | 2 Generations RunningI didn’t think it would be possible to top my Augusta Half Marathon nails, but these guys might have just done it.

2. Loading up my playlist with tons of new songs. My new favorites are:

  • “Something Beautiful” – NEEDTOBREATHE
  • “2 Heads” – Coleman Hell
  • “Inside Out” (feat. Charlee) – The Chainsmokers
  • “Gasoline” – Halsey

I’m going to try to resist the temptation to listen to these too many times before the race so that they’ll still be fresh and exciting when they come on during the marathon.

3. Carbo-loading.

Carbo-LoadingLOL – This episode of The Office demonstrated so perfectly how not to carbo-load, it still cracks me up.

4. Advising my mom on road trip snacks and music. For snacks, I’ve requested Terra Sweet Potato chips (absolutely love them) and trail mix. There may or may not be a bottle of wine (or two) packed for the hotel as well. 😉 The drive itself will be just about 6 hours, so bring on the Starbucks and CDs!

5. Trying to figure out what the eff I should wear for the race. I know, I know. They say you should wear whatever you wore on your long runs on race day so you don’t have to worry about chafe-age or it riding up weirdly. Well, I did the majority of my long runs wearing my long winter capris, but the forecast is showing high 60’s for race day, so that’s not exactly going to work. No matter what I pick, I fully intend on coating myself in Glide.

6. Reading up on all aspects of the race in other blogger’s previous race recaps. I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too much information and I like to know what to expect, especially when it has to do with running 26 miles. 🙂

Delaware Marathon Elevation MapFor example – where will the hills be? Looking at this, I know I can expect a good climb between mile 6 and 7, another smaller one at mile 12, again at mile 18 and then a final hill at mile 24. I’m sure that last one is going to be a blast…

7. PACKING!!! Don’t forget your sneakers Nora, whatever you do!!! I’m also going to be sure to pack sunscreen, my compression socks, GPS watch and charger, and a good book. I made this list a while back that’s actually pretty helpful in terms of packing for a race-cation.

The Runner's Packing Checklist. 2 Generations Running

If you want to keep up with us on the whole adventure, I will be tweeting, posting to our Facebook page, and obviously Instagramming! Wish us luck 🙂

Delaware Marathon Training: Week 4

After a busy and work-filled weekend, I’m back!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I escaped some of the frigid temps in the Northeast this week by traveling to Austin, TX for work (about an hour and 15 outside of Austin actually). Austin was actually experiencing warmer than usual temps while I was out there, and it was in the mid 70’s and perfectly sunny everyday.



Austin | 2 Generations Running

Austin | 2 Generations RunningThe trip scrambled my training up a little, but not too badly and with the marathon still 12 weeks out, I know I’ll be fine.

Monday – Rest/Core day, so I did a 30 minute boot camp class. I felt so strong during this class! I think doing the Fitnessblender ab and oblique workouts for so long has really given me a good base of core strength. I worked up quite a sweat during the 30 minutes, and then I went back to my friend’s house to watch the Bachelor. Mondays are all about Bachelor and Boot Camp now! 🙂

Ben Higgins | The Bachelor

Tuesday – 4 miles easy on the treadmill in the evening followed by foam rolling and stretching. I was pleased to discover I wasn’t too sore from Monday’s class, and the miles flew by easily, despite being confined to the treadmill.

Wednesday – 5 miles hills in the morning followed by an evening boot camp class. What can I say? I knew it was going to be tough to get good workouts in while I was away, so I figured I’d be a little more ambitious. I have to admit though, I may have felt the beginnings of my EHL tendon acting up a bit during the hills. This was the tendon I strained training for my first marathon – which not so coincidentally began hurting shortly after I ran the Mad Half Marathon, which had to be the hilliest half I’ve ever run. Calf tightness can sometimes be a cause, and there’s nothing like a tough hill workout to wreak havoc on your calves. I think going from doing almost zero structured hill work to pretty intense hill repeats on the treadmill (where your biomechanics are already a little bit altered) may be the cause of the issue. So for now, I’m going to take it easy on the hills. I think I’ll try to throw some gentle inclines in when I have hill workouts scheduled, but I’m going to be careful to listen to my body – if I feel more pain across the top of my foot, I’ll cut the hills completely.

Thursday – My travel day to Austin! I ended up having time to kill before my coworkers’ flights got in, so I drove to the nearby state park, McKinney Falls where I had a blast hiking around and enjoying the sun. I definitely did a lot of walking, so I guess it was active recovery?


Austin | 2 Generations RunningFriday – Did some squats and wall sits in my room in the morning, followed by lots of walking all day long.

Saturday – 3 spur-of-the-moment miles (after a 6 mile hike). I originally thought this was going to be another missed run. But then I had a break in the afternoon, right after we ate lunch. Yes, it was the hottest part of the day. And yes, I had just eaten a lunch that was a little heavy to run on. But I had the time, so I figured I would go for it anyway. Unfortunately, the area right around the hotel was not as convenient for running on as it was on my business trip to Ohio a couple weeks ago. It was a busy road without much of a shoulder in many spots. I had thought I was going to do 4 miles, but I turned around early and ended up finishing up 3 miles with a couple loops in the hotel parking lot. There was no way I was going to do another mile’s worth of loops, so I called it at 3. Still, I’m glad I took advantage of my down time.

Sunday – It was supposed to be my 10 mile long run, but I was also flying home this day. Record-breaking cold temperatures in Boston caused my flight to be delayed 3 hours, so I ended up hanging out at the JFK airport for a long time reading Runner’s World articles about the marathon Olympic Trials, which had been the day before. It sucked being so delayed, but at least with Monday being a holiday, I knew I could get my long run in then.

Monday – As planned, I got my 10 miles in (in 12 degrees!). I took layering up to a whole new level for this run – Underarmour cold gear leggings, Nike thermal, with another long sleeve shirt on top of that, topped off with a heavy sweatshirt, a scarf, and gloves.

Cold | 2 Generations RunningI actually felt pretty good after the first 3 miles or so, once my blood really got flowing! I wasn’t sure how I’d handle the cold, but I ended up being thrilled with my splits.

Mile 1 -8:51 Mile 2 – 8:44 Mile 3 – 8:46

Mile 4 -8:44 Mile 5 – 8:22 Mile 6 – 8:05

Mile 7 -8:28 Mile 8 – 8:09 Mile 9 – 8:02 Mile 10 – 9:04 (cooldown mile)

BOOM – 8:31/mile average. My fastest long run of the training cycle so far! This run gives me a lot of confidence going into the Augusta Half in 2 weeks. I’m planning on doing a separate post on my thoughts on that race, but needless to say, I’m really looking forward to getting out and racing the half marathon distance again.

Total Mileage: 22 (I’m counting Monday’s long run since it was supposed to go with this week of training, even if I ended up moving it around).

Motivation Levels: Good. I’m happy not to be traveling again for a while and I’m looking forward to hopping back into my normal routine this week!

And the theme of this week, from someone with a GREAT name –

Nora Roberts Quote | 2 Generations Running

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! Did you do anything fun on President’s Day? 

Delaware Marathon Training: Week 3

Hey all, happy Monday!

Guess who finally got hit with the snow this week. Marathon Training | 2 Generations RunningIt started snowing Friday morning and snowed pretty much non-stop until 5 or so in the afternoon. And we’d been doing so well… Could be worse though, temps were in the high 30’s and 40’s on Saturday and Sunday though, so it’s melting fast.

This week was a little weird in terms of my training, but overall, I’m really happy with how it went. Luckily, my travel ended up corresponding with a rest week, so the lower mileage made life a little easier.

Monday – Rest/Cross-Train day. Did a lot of resting and no cross-training. I flew out to Ohio on Monday, so I was ok with cutting myself a little slack.

Tuesday – I had 3 miles easy scheduled. Luckily, the hotel I was staying in was right next to a paved bike trail that ran along a river. I had been a little nervous when I found out the hotel didn’t have a fitness center, but now I’m kind of glad it didn’t since it forced me to get out and explore a little.

Marathon Training | 2 Generations RunningI was feeling so proud of myself for this short (and chilly) run, and then I found out my coworker (who runs a lot of ultras) had gone out and run a casual 10 miles. Haha, my measly 3 didn’t seem all that impressive after that!

Wednesday – I had 5 miles of hills scheduled, but… I didn’t do it. I was really tired from a long day of work the day before, so I figured I could make up the run later on if I wanted to. I did end up walking around a lot all day, so it wasn’t like I was TOTALLY lazy. Also, check out these scary trees that I saw while in Ohio-

Marathon Training | 2 Generations RunningCheck out those spikes!!!! I think the cactus has some serious competition in the prickly tree department.

Thursday – Got up at 2:30 am for the long drive to the airport, and then went straight into the office after I landed in Boston. It was not exactly the low-key travel day I would’ve hoped for, but work has been picking up a lot lately, so I had tons to do. Weirdly, it was almost 60 degrees back in Boston! It was still warm in the evening when I finally got home, and I knew I had to take advantage of it (and make up for Wednesday’s missed run), so I suited up in my reflective vest and flashing lights and headed out for a night run. I did 4.5 miles and managed a pretty decent clip for the dark.

I was also super excited to come home to this-

Build Your Running Body | 2 Generations RunningI had read some good things about this book online and really wanted to check it out for myself! I know my running goals are pretty ambitious, so I want to learn everything I can about different schools of training, cross-training, and anything else that will help me reach my potential. It’s also almost 400 pages long, so I knew it would be comprehensive. I’ve been browsing through it for the past few days, and so far I really like it! I may have to do a full review in a few weeks.

Friday – 5 miles, 3 @ goal pace. After running the evening before, I really DID NOT want to wake up early for this run. Somehow, I managed to talk myself into it. The warm temps from the night before were gone though, and it was rain/sleeting out (which switched over to snow by the time I left the gym) Back to the treadmill. I warmed up and then managed to do my tempo miles fairly easily. It never feels like cake, but I’m hoping that I’m building mental toughness with all these treadmill miles. On the day of the actual marathon, all the excitement and new sights  should make it feel that much easier. At least, I hope that’s what happens. 🙂

Saturday – 5.5 miles easy. All the snow from Friday was melting and turning the sidewalks into a slushy mess, so I decided to take my run to the treadmill, again. I tried to be careful with the pacing on this run to keep it on the easy side for me so that my legs would feel fresh to run long on Sunday. I know these easy miles are important, and I need to be careful not to push myself too hard. I also did some quick core work and stretching after I finished.

Sunday – 12.5 miles. The sidewalks were still super slushy in places, but there was no way in hell I was going to run 12 miles on the treadmill. I wanted to push myself on this run to try to get closer to my goal marathon pace on at least some of the miles. While I know there’s a benefit to running easy sometimes, if I’m going to hold my goal pace for 26.2 miles, I better at least try to run somewhat fast on my long runs. Here’s how it panned out:

Mile 1 – 9:54 (This was one of the worst miles in terms of slushy/iciness and I was still warming up.)

Mile 2 – 9:15 (A little better), Mile 3 – 8:53 (Navigating some tricky turns and icy sidewalks, but getting better)

Mile 4 – 8:19 (On the running trail, which was mercifully clear of ice and snow. Finally able to pick up the pace!)

Mile 5 – 8:30, Mile 6 – 8:17 (Woohoo!), Mile 7 – 8:09 (Speedy!), Mile 8 – 8:23

Mile 9 – 8:48, Mile 10 – 9:04 (Considering, there was a brutal half mile long hill during this mile, I’m ok with the slower split), Mile 11 – 8:51, Mile 12 – 8:39

Avg. Pace: 8:45/mile, but I was happy that I ran 5 of the 12 miles at 8:30 or faster.

I also got a tiny bit lost around mile 9, trying to navigate myself back to the running trail. I never actually found it and ended up running through residential areas where the sidewalks were still not in great shape. Still, I managed not to get too lost and ended up calling it quits at 12.5, just a half mile over what was scheduled. I happened to be right by CVS when I finished and I happily went in and got a chocolate milk. There is NOTHING better in the world after a long run than chocolate milk.

Marathon Training | 2 Generations RunningWhen I got back to my apartment, my roommates were shocked to see me so soon. It was fun surprising them with how fast I was able to run 12 miles. 🙂

Total Mileage for the Week: 30.5

Total Marathon Training Mileage to Date: 95.5 (I can’t believe that I’ve put almost a hundred miles on my sneakers in 3 WEEKS!!!! I guess that’s marathon training for you!)

Motivation Levels: Remaining solid! If you need a little boost – read this blog post from Miles to the TrialsThe Evolution of 2:42

And the theme of this week –

Be Stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods. | 2 Generations RunningWhat is your FAVORITE beverage/snack after a long run? If you’re training right now, how’s it going? Did you do anything special for the Super Bowl? 

Back in Town

Oh happy days, I AM BACK IN TOWN!

2 Generations Running

Just to summarize my recent travels – first, there was Indianapolis, then home for a day, and then I was off to Maine with my mom. Then, back to my apartment for a day and off to Houston, TX. If I include connecting flights, I think that’s 6 states I’ve been in in the past 2 weeks. Yikes!

While I love traveling, I’m SO ready for a break. I’m excited to have some downtime to yes, focus on my blog, and get back into a routine at the gym. And needless to say, airport food (and all the restaurants I ate at while traveling) were not exactly conducive to my goal of focusing more on my nutrition. But, I’ll be home for a while now and I’m ready to start fresh.

I kicked off my return to Boston with a pretty cool race this past weekend.

Fenway Spartan Race | 2 Generations RunningThe FENWAY SPARTAN SPRINT! I worked at the event on Saturday, which was kind of exhausting (especially after my flight got in around 12:30 AM Thursday), but also kind of fun because it got me really amped up to race on Sunday with my mom and my brother.

I’m going to save the recap until our free race photos are posted, but given that we are all standing upright and smiling in the above photo, I’d say it was a success! 🙂

This week, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine at the gym (once I get over how sore I am), and soaking up these wonderful last few days of warm Fall temperatures! November has been weirdly pleasant so far… I hope that doesn’t mean we’re due for a snowstorm.

How was your weekend? 

The Falmouth Road Race: Part 3 [The Expo]

Need to catch up? 

So Nora has filled everyone in a bit about our adventures at the 2015 Falmouth Road Race, but I thought I might add a few words about some of the highlights for me.

Because this race is so popular that people routinely book their hotel rooms the same day of the race, for the following year, it was impossible for us to find a place to stay in Falmouth. So if you are new to this race, and don’t have relatives or an existing connection with an inn in Falmouth, don’t be afraid to look for lodgings beyond the Falmouth area. We eventually found a cute B&B in Sandwich, called the Cranberry Manor which was very nice and convenient to Falmouth.

So going back to the expo…..Obviously, hearing Meb Keflezighi  and David McGillivray, director of the B.A.A. , speak was very exciting.

the Falmouth Road Race | Race RecapMeb spoke a bit about his early life in Eritrea and also gave some of us older runners some advice. Because Meb just turned forty, he is now officially in the “Masters” division, though that title is clearly not slowing him down! But he did stress that we older runners really need to take the time to stretch and to incorporate it into our routines, just like brushing our teeth. (I have actually been pretty religious about stretching since starting my training for the Bay State Marathon, so it felt good to get the “nod” from Meb.)

2015 Falmouth Road RaceTaking our selfie, and buying his book, Run to Overcome (which he autographed!!), was probably my favorite part of the expo.

The Falmouth Road RaceI’ve already read a good chunk, and it’s been so inspiring, especially with my current marathon training.

However, we also attended a talk by Tatyana MacFadden – and that was awesome, too (Props to the Falmouth Road Race for knowing how to put on a great expo!)

The Falmouth Road Race 2015Tatyana (who was born with spina bifida) was born in an orphanage in St. Petersburg Russia, but adopted and brought to the U.S. Once here, she began her amazing career as a Paralympic athlete, with many, many victories in the wheelchair divisions of marathons all around the world. Her story is both heartwarming and inspiring and worth reading about! One reason I was so thrilled to meet her is because I have a niece who was adopted from an orphanage in China, who is also an athlete with a disability. Zoey, who is 13 years old now and has dwarfism came to the U.S in 2010. About two years ago, she began a swimming program through BlazeSports, the nationwide feeder organization for the U.S Paralympics.

The Falmouth Road Race

The Falmouth Road RaceThis is Zoey with her coach, Fred Lambeck, and assistant coach, Julie (Coach Fred’s daughter who is also an occupational therapist).

Though Zoey and all her teammates train with various physical disabilities, they learn not to let those disabilities slow them down – and they have fun and make lots of friends while doing it. So meeting a girl like Tatyana was a pretty special for us, and we wanted to share that with everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about the programs at Blaze, check them out at

Hope you’re having a great week!


The 2015 Falmouth Road Race: Part 1

Hello again!
YES, I’m still alive! Sorry about the little blogging hiatus lately. Life suddenly got crazy busy (in a good way) and my blogging duties had to go on the back burner.
First, some quick updates to bring you up to speed on the Good Times Series 5k:

  • 2 weeks ago, I beat my 5k PR and placed second in my age group! Woo! This past week was insanely hot (again), but despite the ridiculous weather, I was only a couple seconds off my PR time again. This week was also the infamous bikini 5k (although the number of runners brave enough to actually run in full bikinis is pretty limited- neither me nor my mom took the challenge).
  • This week, my mom placed third in her age group, and she’s still holding onto her first place position in the overall age group standings. I am ONE POINT out of first place in my age group as well, which I am completely psyched about because I never expected to be this high in the leader board with such a competitive age group!

Ok, now that you’re all caught up on the 5k stuff, we can talk about the Falmouth Road Race! It was our first time running it this year, and my mom and I headed up to the Cape this past weekend for a little R&R (running and relaxation). I will have a detailed post about the expo/race coming out soon, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Meb Keflezighi gave a Q&A at the expo and then was signing copies of his book after. (For my non-runner friends, Meb is an elite marathoner who won silver at the Olympics for the event in 2004 and just as importantly, won the Boston Marathon in 2014.)

2015 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

  • MY MOM AND I GOT A SELFIE WITH HIM!! Excuse me, while I freak out.
  • 2015 Falmouth Road RaceI bought a pair of compression sleeves at the expo and I’m in love with them.
  • 2015 New Balance Falmouth Road RaceThe race:
    Wow, do I love spectator support. You never realize how much it helps until you run a race like this where there is TONS of it! There was hardly a stretch of this 7-mile course that didn’t have a crowd lining the edge of the course, cheering you on or offering to spray you down with a hose (which was much needed with temps in the 80s and humidity at 1000%).

Falmouth Road Race Recap

  • This race has a LOT of people in it. I looked it up afterwards, and there were 10,692 runners. This meant the pack never really thinned out much on the run, so my mom and I were doing a lot of weaving around, even though we were running the pace of the corral we had lined up with. Not a huge deal, but it means that there were clearly people who had lined up in the corrals ahead of us to run a faster pace, who could not actually run that speed.
  • 2015 Falmouth Road RaceAlong those lines, check out this stat from my detailed results –
  • Falmouth Road RaceI’m pretty psyched that only TEN runners passed me during the race! I ended up finishing in 1:03 and my mom was only a minute behind me at 1:04.

It was an awesome weekend filled with lots of running fun, and I’m nowhere near done talking about it, but I need the upcoming weekend to catch up on posts, so stay tuned next week for more details on this fantastic and extremely fun race! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

2015 New Balance Falmouth Road RaceHave you ever run the Falmouth Road Race? Would you be as excited as I am about a selfie with Meb?!

What a Trip!

Hello hello and happy Friday!

We made it to the end of another week. The weather’s looking like it’s going to be gorgeous (hello 60 degree temps!) and I am just pumped for this weekend! Plus, I’m running the Homes for Our Troops 5k and a race always puts me in a good mood.

Today, I’m finally hopping back in the swing of the Friday 5 Link-up! You know the drill – every week, Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run, and Cynthia of You Signed Up For What? pick a topic, and this week’s topic is 5 trips you’ve taken! There’s nothing like reliving some of those good, old vacation memories (besides actually taking a vacation), so here we go!

Friday 5 Link-Up1. Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park.I was lucky enough to get to travel to Yellowstone while in high school as part of a school trip. It was honestly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, and I have about a thousand photos saved from that trip that prove it. I recently discovered that you can now run a half marathon through Yellowstone through Vacation Races! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! I think this might just have to be our race for when my mom and I are looking to cross off Wyoming from our 50 states goal. 🙂 Of course, we’ll have to watch out for buffalo.

Yellowstone National Park | 2 Generations Running

2. Waitsfield, VT. Fun fact – I ran the “World’s Most Beautiful Marathon” (well, the half marathon at least).

The World's Most Beautiful Marathon - the Mad Marathon | 2 Generations RunningIt really was beautiful, and the food was TO DIE FOR! Not to mention, we were only about 25 minutes away from the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, so we were forced to fuel for our half marathon with ice cream. Now if only Vermont could flatten out all those pesky hills that kept popping up all over the race course. 😉

3. Booth Bay Harbor, ME. Despite it raining EVERY SINGLE DAY of this 3-day trip, my mom and I still had a blast.

Boothbay Harbor, ME | 2 Generations RunningWe kayaked (in the rain), ate some FANTASTIC food again (Hello raspberry ricotta French toast!), and explored some gorgeous gardens (in the rain again).

4.  Boston, MA for the Heartbreak Hill Half. Obviously this one wasn’t very far away as far as trips go, but we did stay overnight and it was a completely running-filled weekend and it WAS AWESOME. Seriously, if you haven’t run a race put on by Runner’s World, DO IT. These folks know what runners want. 🙂

Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon, Runner's World | 2 Generations Running5. Geneseo, NY. Ok, college might not technically count as a “trip I’ve taken”. But I love my college town  and I miss it, so it’s going on this list!

Geneseo, NYYeah, the winters can be rough, but upstate NY sure has some beautiful moments. And I can’t wait to go back in May. 🙂

So there you go! What are some trips you’ve taken that stand out in your memory (for good or bad reasons!)? Do you have any trips on the horizon?



The Clearwater Distance Classic

We’re finally home! And back to 30 degree temps and snow. Oh well, it was nice to escape from it for a week!  But anyways, it’s time for the race recap! The Clearwater Distance Classic was on Sunday, and my mom and I got up bright and early around 5 am to make the 7:05 start. We were surprised by how dark it was at the start, but I think we forgot it was mid-winter and that it’s still dark early in the mornings, even in Florida. Clearwater Distance Classic. 2 Generations Running Clearwater Distance Classic. 2 Generations Running.We were both excited to run, having not run a long race since the Rochester Marathon in September. Right at 7:05 the gun sounded, and everyone was off! And I mean, everyone. This race offered a 50k, marathon, half marathon, or 5-mile distance, and everyone started at the same time. This made it a little hectic and crowded at the start, but not terrible. Everyone just seemed happy to be running! Clearwater Distance Classic.The race took us into the edge of downtown Clearwater, and then across the first much-anticipated bridge! On the website, they described this as possibly Florida’s most challenging half marathon because of the steepness and difficulty of these bridges, which provide great views of the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater Bay. Being from hilly New England, my mom had scoffed at this. “Bridges?! How bad can they be?” Well, pretty dang steep to be honest.

Bridge at the Clearwater Distance Classic.Impressive, right?

The only good news was that the first one came somewhere around mile 2, so we still had plenty of gas in the tank. The views from the bridge were wonderful – all sky and ocean and impressive silhouettes of the hotels in the distance. Clearwater Distance Classic. Clearwater Distance ClassicOnce we crossed the bridge, we started seeing signs for Hope and Winter – the famous dolphins from the Dolphin Tale movies who live in the nearby aquarium. One runner shouted out across the bay area “HI HOPE AND WINTER!!” 🙂 There were also jokes about all the beeps from GPS watches being understood by the dolphins nearby.

Clearwater Distance Classic. 2 Generations Running(My mom powering up the last bridge)

My mom and I kept running, maintaining a pretty comfortable pace right around 9:30-ish/mile. We passed some beautiful beaches, finally reaching the turn-around point in this out-and-back course. At this point, I was really starting to feel it. My hamstring was twinging, but it was actually my knee on the same leg that was starting to really hurt. I was so happy to just be doing 13.1 miles that day; I couldn’t imagine running a marathon with my knee hurting the way it was. My mom and I have definitely run more challenging courses in the past – the Mad Half in Vermont had tons of hills! But this race  felt the toughest for me, both physically and mentally, and I got progressively grumpier mile by mile. After crossing the bridge back towards the end of the course, we had to run down this spiral walkway that led back to the finish area. I kept running because I was desperate to be done, but yikes– running downhill made my knee seize up like I couldn’t believe! I got passed by lots of runners on this little section, which was disappointing – especially since running downhill is supposed to be the easy part!  Clearwater Distance Classic.Finally, that was over and I was crossing the finish line, a couple minutes behind my mom. Final time – 2:12

Clearwater Distance Classic.I’m smiling but only because I’m happy to be done running. And because the medal was cool.

I immediately grabbed an ice pack from the aid tent after finishing, and after catching my breath, went with my mom to check out the post-race food! There was a good selection and we helped ourselves to chocolate milk, pastries, pretzels, and bananas. There was also pasta available, but neither of us really wanted that after running for 2 hours. So despite the beautiful views, wonderful setting, and yummy food spread, this was not the best race for me. I’m pretty sure the knee issue isn’t too serious – I think it’s just runners’ knee, which can be treated pretty easily with stretching (I know because my mom had some issues with it not too long ago!). My plan is to look into that, and slowly start building my mileage up again so that I’ll be ready when the next race rolls around. I guess the moral of my last few posts lately, is that I need to be better about stretching (ahem, remember when I stupidly strained my hamstring a week and a half ago?) So yeah… I guess I’ll start doing that.  But looking on the bright side, my mom and I finished our tenth half marathon, and bagged another state! So a successful trip overall. I hope you all had a great week! Many thanks to Bonnie and my grandfather for hosting us and helping this be a successful trip! My mom and I are both so grateful to have such wonderful family. 

Hello From Sunny Florida!

Hello again!

My mom and I are still soaking up the Florida sunshine, although we’ll be heading home the end of this week. I just wanted to check in to let you all know that we survived our tenth half marathon!  It was a little challenging for me, but I’ll talk more about that in a full race recap later on.

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to explore Caladesi Island, which was consistently voted one of America’s best beaches. While we were originally planning on renting kayaks to get to the island, we chickened out when we got to the water and realized how windy (and far away) it was. So, we took the ferry instead, which probably worked out better, considering neither of us is very experienced at kayaking!

Caladesi Island. 2 Generations Running

On our way to Caladesi Island. 2 Generations RunningAfter reaching, the island, we decided to explore some of the nature trails. We were a little nervous though after reading this sign-

Caladesi IslandEspecially because we were both in flip-flops since we had been planning on kayaking! Thankfully, there were no encounters with rattlesnakes.

Caladesi Island

Caladesi IslandThe trails were gorgeous and we had a great time exploring, and soaking up the sunshine and 70 degree temps.

Caladesi IslandIt was like living in a post card! It was so peaceful and quiet too. There were a few people visiting, but I’m sure it was nothing compared to how busy it must get during the summer months. After hiking around for an hour, we had a little lunch and then changed into our suits to sunbathe on the beach for a little. The suits were somewhat unnecessary though, because the wind kept things cool enough that I didn’t want to take off my long-sleeve shirt! It still felt wonderful and so relaxing though to just lay against the sand dune, listening to the waves.

Caladesi IslandMy mom certainly relaxed – she fell asleep and woke up to my alarm an hour later (set to remind us to catch the ferry back).

Caladesi IslandThe view from the ferry on the way back!

When we got back, we tried to find a place to grab a coffee before heading home. We ended up driving to this place I found on my phone after searching “coffee shops” on Google Maps. It was called ‘9th Espresso Bar’. Well, after finally finding it, it turned out to be more of a bar and less of a coffee shop! Not exactly what we were looking for.  Disappointed, we decided to just head back and to keep our eyes open for coffee places along the way. We actually saw a cafe and pulled in to their parking lot, only to discover it was closed on Mondays. Foiled again. So after a couple failed attempts, we just headed home.

Despite the coffee snafus, it was such a gorgeous day. I could certainly get used to this kind of weather and incredible scenery! Going back to the northeast this week is going to be rough.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week! (I also realized I forgot to announce the winner of the Gigabody giveaway in my last post! Patty G. was the winner, and was emailed earlier this week. Congrats Patty!)