The Unglamorous Side of Running a Marathon

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Even though you wouldn’t know it from the weather lately, it is technically spring, and with spring comes spring marathons! I know many runners are in the peak of marathon training right now. I remember how excited (and nervous/anxious/freaked out/worried) I felt last summer, training for the Rochester Marathon.

2 Generations Running | Community GIFRunning a marathon is definitely a momentous experience in any runner’s life and an incredible accomplishment. But there are some things that go along with running 26.2 miles that are less than fun. So if you’re a first-time marathoner, check out this list before race day (or maybe not… ignorance is bliss.). And if you have run a marathon, then I’m curious – which of these have you experienced?

The Unglamorous Side of Running a Marathon | 2 Generations Running

1. Chafing is a real danger. I didn’t think to put Body Glide on my back under my sports bra – BIG MISTAKE. 26.2 miles = a lot of rubbing. Just remember- when in doubt, slather on more Glide.

2.You may have never had a problem with your sneakers (in fact, you LOVE them with all your heart!), but you still lose a toenail (or toenails). I’m not sharing any pictures of that because I’m nice and don’t want to gross you all out.

2a) Losing your big toenail REALLY FREAKING HURTS. The only good news is that you won’t have to cut it for like a year while you wait for it to grow back. #TimeSaver.

3. Your appetite will turn into a raging monster that can never be satisfied. And you thought you were going to lose weight…. (*the marathon is evil-laughing at you.)

Evil Laugh GIF | 2 Generations Running

4. People will ask how far your marathon is. 26.2 miles.

The Unglamorous Side of Running a Marathon | 2 Generations RunningBECAUSE THAT’S HOW FAR A MARATHON IS!! (My orthopedist didn’t know how far a marathon was… just one of the reasons why I didn’t trust her.)

5. People will ask you why you’re doing this. Just tell them you really want that damn 26.2 decal for your car.

The Unglamorous Side of Running a marathon | 2 Generations RunningMaybe say it politely though. Just so you don’t get hit by anyone.

I should note that despite experiencing ALL of these things with my first marathon, I still want to run another one. So I don’t know what that says about me…

Tell me about your unglamorous experiences running marathons/half marathons/whatever distance!

Have a great day!