A Speed Workout + How I Scored a PR in 4 Weeks

Happy Wednesday!

I hope all of you are having a good week so far! I did a little speed work yesterday at the track and figured I would share my workout as part of Wild Workout Wednesday! As always, it’s hosted by Annmarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Sarah at Creating Better Tomorrow and Amber at Bold Fit Mom.

Beginner's Speed WorkoutI did my 800’s at around a 7:30 min/mile pace, and it was pretty intense! I want to try to keep fitting in speed work to see if I can maybe whittle down my 5k PR a little this summer. 🙂

Speaking of PR’s… The Cox Providence Half Marathon was about 3 weeks ago, so I promise I’ll stop talking about it soon, but I did want to discuss about how the heck my mom and I managed to BOTH PR on the race when our training period was only roughly 4 weeks long. And of those 4 weeks, I was only able to run about 4 days a week, because I was working full-time Tuesday-Thursday. In fact, I definitely recall posting that a PR would be “very unlikely” given our short training time. But clearly, I did some things right during this training period that helped me run fast on race day (Woo for accidental success!), so I want to talk about them. Mostly so that I can remember to keep doing those things for future races. 😉

1. First and foremost, I cross-trained more for this half marathon. My mom and I joined the gym right around the time that our training began, so we were both attending a dumbbell strength class semi-regularly. In that class, we did a lot of weighted squats, lunges, and upper-body work. I’ve been that runner in the past who hates to do any exercise besides running – and I know that contributed to me getting runner’s knee in January and other injuries. Now, I absolutely LOVE this class! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue attending it for a while (more on that later), but I’m going to do my best to keep doing the exercises I’ve learned from it.

2 Generations Running2. I finally got a GPS watch. Frankly, I have no idea why I waited so long on this one.

Wild Workout Wednesday Speed WorkoutDon’t get me wrong, I had been using Map My Run and I used to use Nike+, but my Garmin has been a total game changer. I love being able to look down at my wrist and seeing my pace in real time, rather than waiting to hear my mile split, like I used to do. I’ve been able to push myself to keep running at a faster pace now that I can see when I start to slow down. My mom actually just got the same GPS watch I have for Mother’s Day, and it’s been a big help to her in the same way.

6 Miles | 2 Generations Running3. I didn’t have to start from scratch. My mom and I had already been doing weekly long runs of around 8 miles before we signed up for the Cox Providence Half. Because of this, we were still able to gradually increase our long run up to 11/12 miles without putting too much strain on our legs.

4. I didn’t put pressure on myself. I knew that I felt great, and that I had trained well, so mentally, I felt ready to push myself. But I didn’t stress out about it. I stayed relaxed and honestly enjoyed the whole race (ok, maybe not the last 2 miles when I really kicked up the pace).

So now I just have to remember to keep doing these things. 🙂

Do you do speed work or cross-train regularly?

The 4-Week Half Marathon Plan: Wild Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day folks!

I mentioned it in Monday’s post, but now, IT’S OFFICIAL.

Registered for the Cox Providence Rhode Island Half MarathonI’m running a half marathon in a month. Yikes! (in a good way… sort of.) I am excited, but my training for this one is going to be quick (I have 4 weeks) and sort of squished together, as I won’t be able to get any runs in during the middle of the week with my work schedule.

I figured I would share what my training plan looks like as part of  the Wild Workout Wednesday Link-up, (as always, hosted by AnnMarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie of Happy, Healthy, and Balanced, Upala of Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber of Bold Fit Mom). I’m not a certified running coach, but I do have 10 prior half marathons under my belt, and I did a bit of research before drawing up this plan.

4-Week Half Marathon Training Plan.

A couple of notes about this plan-

1. I’ve been running pretty consistently in the months leading up to this, and can already tackle 5-6 miles quite comfortably. If you are new to running or not comfortable running 5 miles at a time right now, than I do not suggest attempting to train for a half marathon in 4 weeks. An 8-12 week training plan is more typical and probably safer.

2. It’s not ideal to take 3 rest days in a row, and then no rest days in between all your runs. This is only what my work schedule allows for me, but I would strongly suggest juggling with the days so that you are running approximately every other day, or cross-training on days when you are not running.

3. I have not included any speedwork or tempo runs in this plan. This plan should allow me to finish my half marathon safely and comfortably, but I’m not expecting a PR. 4 weeks is not a long time to prepare for 13.1 miles, so you have to have realistic expectations.

I kicked off this plan on Monday with my 6-miler in the flurries (again.) I think the cold inspired me to run fast, mostly so that I could get back inside and have another cup of hot coffee. I also felt like people were questioning my sanity to be out running in 30 degrees with flurries coming down, but seriously, it was MARCH 30TH AND THAT EQUALS RUNNING-OUTSIDE WEATHER. (Do you hear me, Mother Nature?!)

Have a great end of your week and happy Easter! Eat some chocolate for me!

What’s the shortest period of time you’ve trained for a race in? When do you think will be the last snowfall of the year? I’m hoping it was Monday, but that might just be wishful thinking. 🙂

40 Minute HIIT Playlist/Workout

Happy Wednesday guys!

I wanted to give you a detailed recap of yoga from Monday night, but life has gotten a little hectic, so it’s not happening today. 🙂 Long story short – I really liked it! I promise more details later.

This week, I’m once again participating in the Wild Workout Wednesday Link-up, hosted by AnnMarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie of Happy, Healthy, and Balanced, Upala of Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber of Bold Fit Mom.

Wild Workout Wednesday.For this workout, I put together a playlist of songs that get me all pumped up and ready to go. I titled it HIIT Playlist (High Intensity Interval Training), but another appropriate name would have been the ‘Get Psyched Playlist’.

Get Psyched Playlist | 2 Generations Running

The playlist is exactly 40 minutes – just long enough to work up a good sweat. 🙂

HIIT Playlist | 2 Generations Running

Alternate cardio intervals with lower body, core, or arm exercises every time the song changes. (I’m not a personal trainer, and you should always listen to your body – rest as needed!)

Ideas for the cardio intervals:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Butt kicks
  • Squat jumps

Ideas for lower body, core, or arm intervals:

  • Push-ups [arms]
  • Bicep curls [arms]
  • Tricep extensions [arms]
  • Side hip raises [core]
  • Plank [core]
  • Toe touch crunches [core]
  • Squats [lower body]
  • Heel raises [lower body]
  • Lunges [lower body]

When the playlist ends, you’re all done! And probably extremely sweaty 🙂


Let’s Get Wild! {A Cross-Training Workout For Runners}

Happy Wednesday!

First off, congrats to Sam – you won the Meal Enders sample!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Monday’s episode of The Bachelor kicked things off well for me; I am absolutely LOVING this season and Chris is now down to just 2 girls! I was kind of happy Kaitlyn was sent home on Monday because I actually really like her and don’t think Chris (and Iowa) were right for her. Here’s to hoping she’s the next bachelorette! Haha, apparently Entertainment Tonight agrees with me on this -> 9 Reasons Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Should be the Next Bachelorette.

Kaitlyn from the Bachelor.But anyways…

Today, I wanted to share a workout I created as part of a new link-up I’m participating in! It’s the Wild Workout Wednesday Link-up (hence, the title… what did you think I meant?!), hosted by AnnMarie of The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie of Happy, Healthy, and Balanced, Upala of Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber of Bold Fit Mom.

Wild Workout Wednesday.I’m not a personal trainer, but I created this workout to incorporate some of the moves that I’ve learned are good for strengthening quads and glutes – something runners can try to do to help prevent pesky runner’s knee issues (like I’m experiencing currently). I also added some core exercises to help keep it interesting. 🙂

Cross-training workout for runners. 2 Generations Running.

I tested it out on Monday, and this workout will definitely have you breaking a sweat. The trick is to go through it fairly quickly- try to keep any rest breaks to a minimum. I was pretty pooped by the end of those 30 minutes. 🙂

As much as I enjoy these types of workouts, I’m REALLY looking forward to this weekend’s relay race!! The Clearwater Distance Classic was my last race, just over a month ago, and I’ve started experiencing symptoms of race withdrawal again (i.e., longingly reading other bloggers’ race recaps, scrolling through lists of different race registrations… you know, normal things.) Hopefully, my knee will cooperate, even though it’s a hilly course. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!

Have a happy Hump Day! Tp the runners out there- do you experience race withdrawal when you haven’t done one in a while?