When your Running is Going Swimmingly


I got back from West Virginia on Friday and boy, does it feel good to be back home. Fun fact about West Virginia: there are hills EVERYWHERE.

I was dying. I am used to FLAT FLAT FLAT but I didn’t have any other options but to suck it up and get on with my runs. I was a little nervous heading into the trip just because I knew my hours were going to be long and wonky and I was worried about fitting in my training since Philly and RnR Montreal are coming up fast.

While I missed a few runs, overall – I was really happy with how I did fitting it all in. I even squeezed in a marathon pace workout. I didn’t think I’d be able to hit the paces with the hills/heat/humidity I was battling, but I actually nailed it. Workout was 2 mile warm-up followed by 1 x 2 miles @ 8:01, 800 meters rest, 2 x 1 mile @ 8:01 with 2 minute recoveries, 5 minute cooldown. Actual splits were: 9:15, 9:07 (warm-up), 8:03 and 8:02 for the first set, 8:05 and 8:00 for the second set.

Marathon TrainingIt didn’t feel super easy, BUT I’m optimistic that all my half marathon training did build my fitness this spring and that this pace will continue to become more comfortable. And if I can hit those splits WITH all the hills, then I think it bodes well for doing these workouts in Boston.I flew home on Friday last week and went for a run along my regular route that afternoon. Even though it was sunny and hot, I felt AMAZING on this run. Maybe I was just happy to be home, but I found myself easily running a sub-9 minute pace. My easy pace usually ranges from 9:00 – 9:45, but I decided to roll with it and I’m kind of glad I did as it was a nice confidence boost that I am getting faster. My average pace ended up being 8:35/mile for the run.

This past weekend, I had my first “real” long run since early May – 9 miles! I was stoked. It was hot and sunny, but I got it done and I’m excited to see the long runs starting to bump up.

Things are starting to fall into place!

How is your summer training going?

Half Marathon Training Check-In #4

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m fresh off a challenging but exciting 12-miler as I write this (Sunday afternoon). With only a month to go to the Half at the Hamptons, things are really starting to click. The workouts are hard, but I’m hitting and maintaining paces that I KNOW only a few months ago would have been impossible for me. It’s exciting but also nerve-wracking because now I’m beginning to worry about all the factors that are totally outside of my control. What if we get a snowstorm and the race is cancelled (definitely a possibility for a March race in NH…) What if there’s a terrible headwind and I just can’t hit the paces? What if, what if, what if. I know it’s not practical to worry about these things since there’s zero I can do about them, but the thoughts are still popping into my head.

But anywho, here’s what the week looked like for me:

Monday – Easy 6 miles on the treadmill and my last miles of January! I ran 165.7 miles for the month. Pretty stoked about that! I bet I can beat it in February even with it only being 28 days though because I know the training is going to continue to ramp up.

Tuesday – Rest day.

Wednesday – Workout on the treadmill. It came out to 8.6 miles and consisted of: 15 minute warm-up, 1 mile at 7:20, 2 min recovery, 3 miles at 7:40, 2 minute recovery, 1 mile at 7:10. Boy do those 2 minute recoveries feel short… This one was another tough workout and it didn’t help that I had forgotten my headphones, so I had togut it out and shut down the negative self-talk as I got progressively more tired. I tried to think of it as mental strength work. 🙂 I ran this one early in the morning and felt a little tired walking around the rest of the day but not terrible. The next day though – HOLY DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS! My quads were toast.

Brooks Launch 3 | 2 Generations runningI also got new shoes on Wednesday which I was excited about. I’m trying out the Brooks Launch 3. Review to come!

Thursday – Easy 5 miles on the treadmill. I was surprisingly more sore walking around than I was during this run, but I still kept it nice and easy.

Friday – Easy 6 miles on the treadmill plus some core work.

Saturday – Easy 6 miles outdoors around my favorite loop. The wind was rough but it felt nice to be off the treadmill.

img_2468Sunday – The BEAST of this week’s workouts. 12 miles total. The first 3 miles were the warmup and then it was 2 x 3 miles with alternating paces of 7:32 and 8:01 with 2 minute recovery in between sets. 3 mile cool-down. I knew this was going to be hard, but I was excited to see what I could do. It’s still not comfortable, but I have noticed 7:30 paces beginning to feel more and more manageable as this training cycle has progressed. Here’s how I did on the repeats:

Set 1: Mile 1 – 7:31, Mile 2 – 8:03, Mile 3 – 7:32 (NAILED IT, but also starting to feel really tired).

Set 2: Mile 1 – 7:37, Mile 2 – 8:25, Mile 3 – 7:27. This second set is where things got interesting. I had to fight tooth and nail for that 7:37 in the first mile. I felt like I hadn’t recovered at all on my measly 2 minute recovery and I had to launch into another 7:30 mile??? My legs were not having it. So I started that interval with my pace hovering around 7:45. And I got angry. And I thought about how I was going to completely fail at the paces on this second set. And then somewhere in there I realized I could still fight. The mile wasn’t over yet. I managed to get it down to 7:37 and was happy with that. But then I was wiped out again and my pace fell off on the 2nd mile while I recovered and mentally prepared myself for the last mile. This last mile I’m very proud of though. I knew it was the end and I promised that I was going to give it everything I had left. I had felt so spent running that 7:37, but somehow I turned around and ran a full 10 seconds faster only 8 and a half minutes later.

I think I’m beginning to learn that these workouts are as much mental as they are physical. Self-talk is having a huge effect on my ability to keep pushing myself through the interval (or not). It’s something I need to continue to pay attention to and work on, especially so that I don’t turn on myself when things get tough during the half.

All in all, I’d call the workout a success. I gave it a solid effort and came pretty close to hitting the intended paces. It also resulted in another new 10k PR which I was happy about. 🙂

10K PR | 2 Generations Running

How was your week? Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday? Any plans for this week?

The Past Week of Running

Hello there!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did you get walloped with snow? We got about 6 inches of snow where I am, but it kind of made for a cozy Saturday afternoon! I got my run in early in the morning, went to the gym for a little strength work, and then grabbed a few things at the store (which was mobbed – nothing like a few inches of snow to send everyone in a mad dash to the grocery store.). It was just starting to come down steadily as I got home.

I’ve noticed it’s been a while since I shared what my workouts have been on the blog lately, so I just wanted to pop in and update you all on what my training has looked like lately. Again, my target race is currently the Half at the Hamptons on March 5th. Since Baystate, my coach has been having me slowly build up my base again while adding 1 workout a week that is more speed-focused. I’ve been itching to dive back into tempo runs and double-digit long runs, but Mary has been reining me in a bit which is probably a good thing.

Monday – 4 miles easy.

Tuesday – 45 minutes easy which came out to about 4.8 miles. I ran this on the treadmill at the gym.

Wednesday – 45 minutes easy again, which came to 4.6 miles this time around. Again, on the treadmill.

Thursday – 2 mile warm-up, 4 x 3 minutes @ 7:12 pace with 2 minutes running recovery in between each interval (I typically ran these at around 9:22/mile). 2 mile cooldown. This all came out to 6.4 miles. Again, I did this workout on the treadmill as there was snow in the forecast for the morning.

2 Generations RunningWinter, I’m over you now that Christmas is done. Can we please fast forward to May?? While I thought this sounded pretty straightforward and doable on paper, it was actually pretty challenging. I know I’ve held paces faster than 7:12 for a mile or longer in races, but 3 minutes felt SOOO long on a treadmill during a workout. It was a challenge, but I got it done. And isn’t that the point of workouts?

Friday – 5 miles easy, and you guessed it – this was a treadmill run. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t hate the treadmill the way I used to!

Treadmills | 2 Generations RunningThis hasn’t happened to me. Yet.

Saturday – 4 miles easy. I didn’t plan my route exactly right, so it was actually 4.4 miles. Oops. We ended up getting a decent amount of snow starting around 11 am, so I was glad I knocked this out early in the morning outside before the snow began. Yay for a non-treadmill run! I also went to the gym and did a quick strength/core routine.

Sunday – Rest day! I don’t typically like taking rest days on the weekend since I usually feel like a chance to sleep in (because no work) AND go for a run is the best of both worlds. But I was pretty pooped after this week, and with all the snow that fell the night before, it ended up feeling really good to not have to worry about getting a run in. I did do a quick 10-minute abs video, but I capped it at that since I was pretty sore from my workout the day before.

Overall, a great week! I’m excited to see how the mileage and workouts begin to shift as we get closer to March.

Do you have any goal races for 2017? Anyone else get snow this weekend?

Delaware Marathon Training: Week 2

2 weeks down, 14 weeks to go til Delaware!!!!

Bulu Box ReviewIt was another solid week and I’m feeling really optimistic about this second attempt at 26.2 miles. 14 weeks is a long way to go though, so I’ve just got to really focus on getting the most out of each individual workout. Here’s what this week looked like:

Monday – 30 minute boot camp class. I already posted about this, so moving right along…

Tuesday – 5 miles easy. I was scheduled to do 6, but I decided to cut a mile so that I had a little more time to get some stretching done before I had to head off to work. Surprisingly, I felt relatively ok during this run, but part of me knew I was going to be more sore the next day.

Wednesday – And as expected, the soreness really set in on this day. I had 5 miles of hill repeats to do though, so I sucked it up and headed to the gym to get this done on the treadmill in the morning. Charissa had left me some GREAT advice on how to do hill repeats on the treadmill, and I was excited to try some different variations. Actually, excited may not be quite the right word, considering how sore I was… There may have been a little bit of dread mixed in. I warmed up the first mile, then increased the elevation to 5.0, and turned the pace up a bit, being careful to keep it in my aerobic zone though. I held that for 2 minutes before dropping the pace and elevation for a 2 minute recovery. When I got bored with those, I mixed in 2 longer hill repeats of 1/2 mile at 3.0 elevation and a slightly faster pace. Those I enjoyed a lot better than the short intense hills.

Thursday – My rest/cross-train day. My friend had tried to convince me to go to another boot camp class with her and I strongly considered it, but ended up passing so that I’d feel fresh for Friday’s tempo run. I still ended up going to the gym after work though, I just focused on my arms and abs. It was so crowded though! Since I’ve gotten so used to getting to the gym by 5:45 am, I had forgotten how crazy it is in the evenings. My gym has a really small area for stretching and core work, and so it can be difficult to snag a spot there. I saw way too much of this on Thursday night –

Delaware Marathon TrainingThis KILLS me. If you’re not working out, stop taking up the space!!!! Ok, mini-rant over. I probably did about 45-50 minutes and then headed out.

Friday – 6 miles, with 4 at 8:06/mile. These 4 fast miles were kind of challenging. I’m getting much more comfortable on the treadmill, and it is more convenient to run these types of fast runs in a warm, well-lit gym than out on the roads in the dark, BUT I find myself much more comfortable running a faster pace outdoors. Maybe part of me is just irrationally afraid that I will fly off the back of the treadmill? (See 9 people who lost to treadmills)

Saturday – I decided to get my long run out of the way even though my plan technically calls for a Sunday long run (I think I may stick with this throughout the 16 weeks). It had been ages since I had done a run with the club I joined a few months ago, and they were planning on 10-14 miles, so I figured I would meet up with them. My plan called for 9 miles again, but I figured I would play it by ear and go a little longer if I was feeling good. I ran to our meeting spot, which ended up being exactly 3 miles from my apartment. These 3 miles I did at 8:51/mile, which is a little fast for a warm-up for me, but I was nervous I was going to get lost and I was cutting it close from the time I left my apartment. Luckily, I made it there, no problem. There was a good sized group of 8 or so runners and we quickly headed off on our route after introductions.

Some of the group was going a full 14 miles, but I peeled off with a group doing 8 miles, bringing me to a total of 11 miles for the day. I’m going to have to do more of my long runs with them! We averaged 8:33/mile for our 8 miles, and I felt great the whole way. There was a lot of stop and go, waiting at street crossings, which may have partially contributed to how good I felt. I forgot how much I love running with groups though! The miles tick by so much faster and it just felt really good to mix things up. The weather was BEAUTIFUL too; it felt more like the beginning of spring than the last day of January!

After we finished up, I decided to take an Uber home, rather than tack on an additional 3 miles, running back to my house. My Uber driver noticed my running clothes – turns out, he had run a couple of marathons many years ago! We chatted about running and training during the short drive back to my house and he wished me luck on my marathon.

Then, I came in and the newest issue of Runner’s World had arrived. I had been hoping it would come for days, especially after I saw the newest issue at the grocery store (and was almost tempted to buy it, despite having a subscription) It was seriously the best morning ever!!! 🙂

So Happy GIF | 2 Generations Running

Sunday – 6 miles. I probably should have run these slower, but I wanted to see how it felt running my goal pace outside versus on the treadmill. My splits were:

Mile 1 – 9:00/mile, Mile 2 – 8:38/mile, Mile 3 – 8:03/mile, Mile 4 – 8:47/mile, Mile 5 – 8:09/mile, Mile 6 – 8:40/mile

Miles 3 and 5 were when I was aiming for 8:05, so I was a little under and a little over, but not bad. Running this pace definitely feels more manageable outdoors (at least on the flats!) It was a gorgeous day to run again, with temps in the mid 40s. All the birds were out, and it felt like spring. I stopped to take a pic during the last mile-

2 Generations Running

Total Mileage for the Week: 34

Motivation Levels: Still High!

And this week’s inspirational quote:

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" | 2 Generations RunningAnd now I’m off to Ohio for work! Be back soon 🙂

How was your week? Would you rather run long with a group or by yourself?

My First Boot Camp Class

Ahhh TGIF everyone!!!!

TGIF | 2 Generations RunningI may or may not bust out these moves on the elevator when I leave the office this afternoon.

On Monday, I went to my very first boot camp class with one of my coworkers. She had found a Groupon online for 5 weeks of unlimited classes at a very reasonable price. The gym offered tons of yoga, spin, and boot camp classes throughout the day making it super easy finding classes that worked with my schedule, and it was conveniently located right near a T-stop that’s on my way home. Even  though I had just begun my training plan at the time, this all sounded so awesome that I just couldn’t pass it up.

Monday was scheduled to be cross-training (and rest day sort of), so I headed to class with my friend after work. I’d had kind of a rough day and I was seriously looking forward to working up a sweat. The instructor was super friendly as soon as we walked in, and got us started right on time.

There were only 5 or so of us in this particular class, so it wasn’t crowded at all, which I was happy about since it was a pretty small space. The instructor got some great music going and then had us rotate between 6 stations every few minutes. It was basically 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (needless to say, not exactly a rest day!). I thought the 30 minutes was going to feel short, but I was pretty tired by the end and my arms were ACHING!

Rope ExerciseWe did this rope exercise which I’ve always thought looked super bada$$. I never realized how tiring it is though! My shoulder blades and back are still recovering.

The other stations included spiderman crunches, TRX-style jump squats, resistance band walks, planks, toe taps on a medicine ball, reverse lunges with a shoulder press, and ladder grapevine runs.

Boot Camp Classes

It was awesome! But not surprisingly, I was sore the next day and I was even more sore 2 days later when I had a 5-mile hill workout scheduled. So that’s my problem. I think this class is a fantastic workout and great cross-training, but I’m worried that it might negatively impact some of my hard running workouts. I thought about going to another class Thursday night, but I have a tempo run scheduled for Friday morning and I really didn’t want to make that any harder than it’s already going to be.

My plan is to try to talk to the instructors (they seem super friendly and approachable) to see if it’s possible to modify some of the moves to put less stress on my legs, since I’m already getting that with the runs. My other worry is that I might injure myself on some of these higher intensity moves that my body isn’t used to. I CAN’T GET INJURED!!!!!! I get panicky just thinking about it.

Next week I’ll be traveling for 4 days anyway so I’ll be taking an impromptu break from these classes anyway, but my plan is to get back into them (with modifications) when I come back.

Do you do any type of HIIT training in addition to running? Ever tried a boot camp class? 

Weekly Recap

Happy Monday!

I feel like I can say that with 100% honesty now because…

Bachelor Ben HigginsTHE BACHELOR IS BACK!!! This show is such a guilty pleasure, but whatever. I’m not ashamed to admit I love it. Last season, I even came up with a workout to do during the show-

The Bachelor Workout. 2 Generations RunningI may have to come up with a revised version of this based on the drama that emerges this season!

Speaking of workouts, this week was not exactly stellar for me. We had some important folks in town for work this week and it meant a lot of longer hours, and kind of kept me from getting back into my normal routine.

Monday – I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes of core work before going over to a coworker’s house to watch the premiere of The Bachelor. I was pretty happy with this as it was mostly a rest day from Sunday’s 9 miles.

Tuesday – Nada. I went to a work dinner in Boston and didn’t end up getting home until between 9:30 and 10, so it was straight to bed.

Wednesday – Got up early to go into the city for a surprise group workout with my coworkers. It ended up being a scavenger hunt throughout Boston, which was pretty fun, but only involved light running.

Thursday – Managed to squeeze an early 5 miles in during the AM before heading off to work. It was my first run testing out some of my new gear from Christmas, including a reflective vest and flashlight. I’m not a big fan of running with headlamps, so I LOVE the little handheld LED flashlight I got myself for Christmas. It’s small enough to easily carry during the run but it packs a big punch light-wise.

Friday – I don’t know if it was allergies or just the lack of sleep catching up to me, but by the time Friday rolled around, I was dead tired. My throat hurt, and I felt super congested. Bleck. I tried to squeeze in a little core work, but after 10 minutes, I was really not feeling so hot, so I called it quits and spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching Netflix.

Saturday – I was excited for some good workouts by the time the weekend rolled around. There is nothing like being able to sleep to a regular time AND fit in a workout. Unfortunately, the rain moved in pretty early on Saturday and it was a wet, misty mess by the time I got out the door.

Running in the RainI wish I’d had a puppy to join me on my rainy run!

I really wanted to get my hills in, so I sucked it up and headed out.

Hill Repeats

Overall, I was really happy with how this run went. I felt like a bada$$ running in the rain, and I managed to crank out my last 2 miles at around 8:20/mile, after doing a bunch of hill repeats.

Sunday – The rain REALLY moved in on Sunday. I decided to take my workout indoors to the treadmill. I had been wanting to get back into doing some Yasso 800s for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. I ran my warm-up mile at 8:30/mile and then did the first 2 repeats at 7:35/mile. I did the next 3 at 7:30/mile and then cooled down with another mile at around 9:00/mile. This workout definitely felt TOUGH. I don’t know if I would have felt better if I hadn’t run hills the day before, but for whatever reason I was struggling. Hopefully I’ll improve on these through the marathon training.

This week, I’m really looking forward to getting back into a real routine both in the gym and at work. Ideally, I’d like to get some tough workouts in mid-week and not leave all my tough runs for the weekend.

How was your week?

Closing Thoughts on Baystate and Looking Ahead

Happy Monday guys!

Before I dive into this past week, I have a few final thoughts on Baystate (My mom’s post on her experience running the marathon will be posted on Wednesday!).

  1. For the first time in a really long time, I didn’t get ANY blisters running this half marathon. I definitely credit this to wearing my Feetures running socks (LOVE THEM!!) and my Asics sneakers, which seem to have a wider toe-box than previous sneakers I’ve worn. I’m just happy that I seem to have found the winning “recipe” for happy feet, and I plan on sticking to this for all my future long runs and races.
  2. I’m psyched about my new PR, BUT… Like the overachiever I am, I’ve already started thinking about what I could do to get faster. And after seeing all the incredible marathoners (like my mom!) finishing the race, I seriously want to sign up for a marathon again. I’ve been contemplating trying a spring one, since my workload at my job will be a little lighter over the winter. Of course, that would mean training for a marathon through a Boston winter, which might not be the smartest decision for me right now. But by the same token, if I try to wait for the PERFECT time to train for a marathon, I feel like I could be waiting forever…

So for now it’s onto the next race! My mom and I may do a little local 10k next weekend, but then in November, we have an especially fun race lined up! My mom, brother and I are doing a Spartan! Despite my mom saying she didn’t think she’d ever do a Spartan (there seems to be a pattern here), I managed to talk her into the Fenway stadium sprint. From what I’ve heard, Spartan stadium races tend to be a little easier than a regular race, so I think we’ll end up having a blast. I totally need to start doing my burpees again though!

Burpees | 2 Generations Running(That’s what a burpee looks like in case you didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. They aren’t fun.)

Now, looking back at my week – it wasn’t as good in the workout department as I would have liked to be totally honest. I was a little sore in my calves from the half marathon, but nothing terrible. I can’t remember if I went to the gym on Monday night at all (which probably means I didn’t…). On Wednesday, I had planned on jumping back into the weekly runs my work hosts. I love running around Boston in the Fall. It’s so gorgeous, and I feel like I’m finally beginning to get a sense of the city’s lay-out. But that run didn’t end up happening. I got caught in a late afternoon meeting, and didn’t end up leaving work till pretty late. By the time I got home, I was hungry and tired and I didn’t have it in me to go to the gym to run on the treadmill.

Thursday night, I stayed after work with another coworker to do another outdoor yoga class put on by CorePower Yoga and Social Sports Boston. The funny thing was that BOTH of us forgot to bring yoga mats, so we ended up sharing with another friend. It was a little cozy for yoga, and I was a afraid that I was going to end up toppling the three of us over domino-style on some of the poses. Still, it was a really cool setting to be doing candlelit yoga in the middle of Boston, and the temps were perfect, hovering around the 60s, despite it almost being the end of October.

Corepower YogaImage borrowed from Social Boston Sport’s Instagram page.

Friday was another lazy day.

Workout GIFYep, that pretty much sums up how I felt most days this week.

At least by Saturday, I was excited and finally motivated to exercise again. The fact that I could sleep in to a reasonable time AND also do a workout might have had something to do with that.

Saturday morning, I went out for an 8-miler at the park near me. It was a nice, cool morning and it felt great to be running again. The park was pretty quiet apart from a couple other runners and walkers, and it felt almost like I had my own private park at times.

2 Generations RunningI wanted to push myself, so each mile was somewhere around 8:30-8:45/mile, except for when I had to wait at street crossings.

Sunday, I decided to focus a little bit more on cross-training. I did Fitnessblender’s 22-minute abs and obliques workout (check it out here – it’s a doozy!) Then I went to the gym and did a 20-minute run on the treadmill. I ramped up the elevation to simulate some hills and pushed the pace until I had worked up a decent sweat. I rounded out the workout with a little upper-body work on the machines and then called it a day.

Overall, I’m pleased with the workouts I got in on the weekend! I still have to figure out how to fit in exercise during the week though. I think waking up REALLY early is probably my best bet, even though I’m not super excited about the idea of getting up around 5 on a regular basis. 😦 On top of that, I’ll be traveling for work this week, which will probably not be great for a new workout routine. Oh well, I guess.

Hope you had a great weekend! What do you think about trying to wait for the perfect time to train for a big race? Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for my mom’s post on Baystate!


This Week in Workouts

What a week of workouts this past week!

I think I’m finally starting to hit my stride with the whole working 5 days a week plus crazy commute AND finding time to fit my workouts in.

Monday – I kicked off the week with 30 minutes of strength training. I gave my legs a rest day since I had run 7 miles the day before, and I wanted them to be fresh for the 5k on Tuesday.

Tuesday – I ran a new 5k PR as you know from yesterday’s post!! I was absolutely stoked to see some of my speed work and focus on pacing begin to pay off.

Good Times Series 5kWednesday – Rest day. I got home late after a particularly sucky commute home (just imagine a subway car jam-packed with people with no AC. It was so awful my friend and I got off after a stop and walked the rest of the way to the station, but we ended up missing the earlier train. Not a fun day.)

Thursday – Got to go into work a little late, so I woke up at my regular time and went for a 4 and a half mile loop. There had been rain overnight which had cooled things off, and it felt almost like a fall morning. Perfect running weather! I was feeling good, so I decided to turn it into a tempo run of sorts. I warmed up the first mile, and then tried to push the pace for miles 2-4. It’s not easy for me to make myself run that fast without the competition of a race, so I was psyched about these splits.

2 Generations RunningAfter work, I went to “Detox and Re-tox” with a couple of coworkers. Wondering WTH that means? Well, it was an hour long yoga class (the detox) on the greenway in Boston followed by the “re-tox” – discounted vodka drinks and free food at a bar following the class.

Yoga on the Greenway

Yoga on the GreenwayThe instructor for this class was AWESOME. She was relaxed, reminding us that yoga is not a competition and not to take ourselves too seriously – as she put it, “It’s just f**king yoga“. That had everyone cracking up.  It was quick-paced, which was quite a change from what I was used to with the yoga class I took over the winter, but I managed to keep up pretty well, just copying the movements of the people around me whenever I was confused about a pose. They had a DJ playing hit music which added to the fun, energetic atmosphere of the whole event. There was also a little core work thrown in, which I loved. After the morning’s run, it felt really good to stretch my hips, hamstrings, and calves. It makes me think I should seriously try to make more of an effort to fit some yoga into my cross-training routine. I think passersby were a little confused to see 140 people doing yoga on the greenway in Boston – some tourists were taking pictures even! My only complaint was that they started 20 minutes late, so that by the time the class finished up, me and my coworkers all felt we should be getting home, so we skipped the drinks/food.

Friday – I took another rest day. I could’ve gone for a run in the evening, but after the long week, I really just wanted to collapse in a comfy chair, so that’s exactly what I did.

Saturday – It was raining in the morning, so I did a couple of Fitnessblender videos for abs and upper-body. I did about 50 minutes or so of cross-training, and then joined my Mom on her 5-mile run later in the afternoon when the weather had cleared up a bit. It was humid, but I was glad that I got some miles in after all.

Sunday – Another killer workout at the track! I did a revised ladder of sorts. I warmed up with a half mile jog and some stretching. Then I did:

  • 1 x 400
  • 1 x 800
  • 1 x 1200
  • 1 x 1600. I felt GROSS after this mile. I drank some water and tried to calm my breathing a bit, before I moved on.
  • 2 x 400

I did 400 meters recovery in between each repeat, and another half mile cooldown, so all-in-all, it came out to be about 5 and a half miles running, 3 of which was around 7:30/mile pace. Luckily, this time I was at least wearing the right socks, so I didn’t end up with a bloody heel at the end of the workout.

So a pretty great week! Did you do any special workouts this weekend? How would you feel about doing yoga outside with 140 other people?


Killin’ It In Your Workouts

Happy Thursday!

So last week, ETB Fit (a sports nutrition company) reached out to me about sharing some of my key tips for fueling my workouts. While I’ve never tried any ETB products, I have heard good things and was impressed by their company and the story of how they got their slogan – “Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.” Check out their website and products page to learn more about them, get recipes, and as a general health resource!

Killin' It In Your Workouts | 2 Generations Running

What foods do you eat pre-workout?

What you eat before a run or hard workout is SO IMPORTANT. It plays a huge role in how I feel during the actual exercise and how I perform. I’ve found that protein bars or toast with peanut butter and jam, work well for me. And because I’m “Fueled by coffee“, I will ALWAYS have at least one cup of coffee before working out – sometimes more if I’m not in a rush.

Killin' It in your Workouts | 2 Generations RunningI don’t eat yogurt, cereal, or anything with a lot of dairy because it feels way too heavy in my stomach. Fun story – once my mom and I went on a little family outing in the late morning and ended up getting ice cream. That would’ve been fine, except that we tried to do a 10-mile run when we got back. Bleh. That run lives on in my memory as one of the ugliest, most uncomfortable runs I’ve ever experienced.

What music do you listen to during your workout?
I love upbeat, top 40 hits. Right now, I am obsessed with “Shut Up and dance with me”, “Elastic Heart” and a whole bunch of Ellie Goulding songs. In fact, this is the playlist I listen to 99% of the time when I go for runs right now –

Half Marathon Playlist | 2 Generations Running

How do you switch up certain routines daily/weekly to stay motivated?

As a blogger myself, I obviously enjoy reading running blogs. A LOT. I love reading other people’s race recaps, and sometimes I will read one while I eat my breakfast before going out for an early morning run because the excitement and enthusiasm in these types of posts are just contagious! They get me psyched even though I’m not the one racing. I also like to check my Instagram account to get motivated. I follow a bunch of other health/fitness bloggers and trainers, and seeing their healthy lifestyles in action keeps me feeling like I’m a part of this bigger community and that is definitely a big help when I’m tired at the end of a long day and don’t want to workout.

What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most
out of your workout?
I’m a big smoothie fan. They’re great both for hydration and as a source of protein to help my muscles recover after a tough workout. When I was training for my first marathon, I spent pretty much all my long runs fantasizing about the smoothies I would make when I was done. My go-to recipe right now is: vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen banana slices, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a sprinkle of instant coffee granules and low-fat milk (or almond milk if I have it). I also LOVE cinnamon protein powder though, and that makes a pretty delish recovery drink.

Killin' It in your workoutsWhat are your tips for staying motivated? Have you ever experienced an awful run as a result of something you ate? Do you have an awesome smoothie recipe? (I’m always looking to try new ones!)



Running with the Bunnies

Hey there, hope you had a great weekend!

I was so psyched for this weekend mainly because my cold is finally gone and I was looking forward to some nice, uninterrupted workout time. Weekdays are crazy because of my commute and while I’ll probably start trying to get up a little earlier to fit in some workouts more consistently, I have a new found appreciation for weekends right now.

I was rarin’ to go on Friday, so I decided to kick things off with a speed workout at the track in the evening. I did 2 sets of 4×400 with 400 meters recovery in between each. I loved this workout and I felt 1,000 times better doing it than I did doing the Yasso 800’s last week. Except, that I kind of tortured my ankle. I had been wearing socks during the day, and I forgot that I had gotten blisters wearing those socks with my Asics sneakers because they aren’t quite high enough. Not thinking, I left them on to wear for my track workout, and about halfway through, I could tell I was getting a blister. 😦 I really didn’t want to cut my workout short though, so I just tried to ignore it as best I could and finish my sets. As soon as I finished the last 400 though, I tore my sneaker off – screw the cooldown, I was not running a step further.

2 Generations RunningThis was the end result. Painful, but hey on the brightside, my bloody sock/sneaker made me feel pretty hardcore. 😉

Saturday, I started my morning by sleeping in to the glorious time of 7:20 and then I coffee-ed up before doing this 20 minute arms workout from FitnessBlender -> Toned, Lean Arms Workout – Rhomboids, Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep, and Shoulder Workout. Just a note- if you try this workout, you’ll only need light weights. The moves are pretty dang tough and I feel it A LOT using the lightest dumbbells I have. I rounded out the morning with another 5 miler at a comfortable pace.

Sunday was the Run of the Bunnies. Not quite as dramatic as running with bulls, but a whole lot cuter. My mom and I set out at 7 am (ugh for not getting to sleep late) to try to beat the heat, as the high was supposed to reach 93 degrees for the day. She was going for 9 miles, and I opted to do 7. We followed her typical route into a nearby development that borders this grassy field and wooded area. Or as I will now think of it, bunny territory.

Bunny GIF | 2 Generations RunningAfter spotting 2 right off the bat, we decided to keep count of how many we saw. I didn’t manage to get my phone out in time to snap a picture of any of the little guys, but we ended up seeing 7 BUNNIES. There were more bunnies than people out! And they were adorable. If they weren’t so darn fast, I totally would’ve scooped one up and brought it home to be my pet. 😉

When I got home, I stretched on the deck a bit and Brady reminded me why I would never need another pet by “helping” me.

Brady | 2 Generations Running

Brady | 2 Generations RunningI ended up sweaty and covered in dog hair.

The rest of Sunday was spent kicking back and relaxing and trying to stay cool.

How was your weekend? Did you get some good workouts in? Stay tuned for a post on Marathon #2 coming from my Mom tomorrow!