This Week in Workouts

What a week of workouts this past week!

I think I’m finally starting to hit my stride with the whole working 5 days a week plus crazy commute AND finding time to fit my workouts in.

Monday – I kicked off the week with 30 minutes of strength training. I gave my legs a rest day since I had run 7 miles the day before, and I wanted them to be fresh for the 5k on Tuesday.

Tuesday – I ran a new 5k PR as you know from yesterday’s post!! I was absolutely stoked to see some of my speed work and focus on pacing begin to pay off.

Good Times Series 5kWednesday – Rest day. I got home late after a particularly sucky commute home (just imagine a subway car jam-packed with people with no AC. It was so awful my friend and I got off after a stop and walked the rest of the way to the station, but we ended up missing the earlier train. Not a fun day.)

Thursday – Got to go into work a little late, so I woke up at my regular time and went for a 4 and a half mile loop. There had been rain overnight which had cooled things off, and it felt almost like a fall morning. Perfect running weather! I was feeling good, so I decided to turn it into a tempo run of sorts. I warmed up the first mile, and then tried to push the pace for miles 2-4. It’s not easy for me to make myself run that fast without the competition of a race, so I was psyched about these splits.

2 Generations RunningAfter work, I went to “Detox and Re-tox” with a couple of coworkers. Wondering WTH that means? Well, it was an hour long yoga class (the detox) on the greenway in Boston followed by the “re-tox” – discounted vodka drinks and free food at a bar following the class.

Yoga on the Greenway

Yoga on the GreenwayThe instructor for this class was AWESOME. She was relaxed, reminding us that yoga is not a competition and not to take ourselves too seriously – as she put it, “It’s just f**king yoga“. That had everyone cracking up.  It was quick-paced, which was quite a change from what I was used to with the yoga class I took over the winter, but I managed to keep up pretty well, just copying the movements of the people around me whenever I was confused about a pose. They had a DJ playing hit music which added to the fun, energetic atmosphere of the whole event. There was also a little core work thrown in, which I loved. After the morning’s run, it felt really good to stretch my hips, hamstrings, and calves. It makes me think I should seriously try to make more of an effort to fit some yoga into my cross-training routine. I think passersby were a little confused to see 140 people doing yoga on the greenway in Boston – some tourists were taking pictures even! My only complaint was that they started 20 minutes late, so that by the time the class finished up, me and my coworkers all felt we should be getting home, so we skipped the drinks/food.

Friday – I took another rest day. I could’ve gone for a run in the evening, but after the long week, I really just wanted to collapse in a comfy chair, so that’s exactly what I did.

Saturday – It was raining in the morning, so I did a couple of Fitnessblender videos for abs and upper-body. I did about 50 minutes or so of cross-training, and then joined my Mom on her 5-mile run later in the afternoon when the weather had cleared up a bit. It was humid, but I was glad that I got some miles in after all.

Sunday – Another killer workout at the track! I did a revised ladder of sorts. I warmed up with a half mile jog and some stretching. Then I did:

  • 1 x 400
  • 1 x 800
  • 1 x 1200
  • 1 x 1600. I felt GROSS after this mile. I drank some water and tried to calm my breathing a bit, before I moved on.
  • 2 x 400

I did 400 meters recovery in between each repeat, and another half mile cooldown, so all-in-all, it came out to be about 5 and a half miles running, 3 of which was around 7:30/mile pace. Luckily, this time I was at least wearing the right socks, so I didn’t end up with a bloody heel at the end of the workout.

So a pretty great week! Did you do any special workouts this weekend? How would you feel about doing yoga outside with 140 other people?


Reflections on My First Yoga Classes

Hello again!

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day yesterday! I was incredibly thankful that most of Boston’s revelry occurred at the South Boston Parade on Saturday (apparently) – the subways and trains were gloriously free of rowdy barhoppers. 🙂

But FINALLY, I’m getting around to giving some reflections on my first few yoga classes, as promised!

Reflections on My First Yoga Class | 2 Generations Running.First off, my mom and I are taking this class through our town’s community center (we had originally signed up for a crochet class but it was canceled due to lack of interest, so this was plan B.). So, we’re actually taking this class in a little school, not a classy yoga studio. I don’t really mind the simple setting though! The heaters in the building work a little too well, so it’s ended up being like a mild version of hot yoga! Which I’m totally ok with, given that it’s still pretty dang cold for three days till spring.

The class was described as mixed level, perfect for me and my mom. My mom has been doing yoga for years, but I’ve only done a video here and there, so I’m definitely a newbie. The instructor handles the various experience levels wonderfully. So far, she’s done a great job explaining the poses and different variations you can do based on your flexibility. I also love the emphasis she puts on doing what feels right for your body. I know I can get competitive (especially with running), and I’ve really appreciated the way she reminds us that, “There’s no room for competition in yoga.”

So how have I felt after the classes? Pretty darn good. I know I have tight hips (that was one of the things the physical therapist pointed out when I was dealing with my EHL strain), and all the hip-opening exercises have been GREAT. I’m also happy to see that all my upper-body and core work has paid off – I have no problem with all the downward dog and plank poses! 🙂 And then, there’s the whole relaxation side of things. I love taking the hour and 15 minutes to unwind and focus on my breath. Usually, my mind is going a mile a minute, and it feels awesome to slow down. Also, fun fact here – I heard that Lily James practiced yoga and meditation to help her get into the kind and peaceful frame of mind that she portrays in Cinderella (which I totally want to see by the way.)

So those are my thoughts after the first 2 classes. I’ll continue to update as the weeks go on, but so far, it’s looking like I’m going to enjoy yoga. 🙂

Have a great week!

Have you ever tried yoga? Do you need to work on your flexibility? Anyone else want to see Cinderella (even though you’re technically an adult?)

The Last Blast of Winter Running… Maybe (I Hope)

Happy Monday folks!

I hope you all had a great weekend! My mom and I got some great runs in, so I’m going to give you the running edition of a weekend recap. 🙂

Saturday – 5 miles. The roads around here are still a little icy in spots, so some sections of this run were a little stop-and-go, but overall, not too bad.

Sunday – something between 8.3 and 8.5 miles. I use my Garmin GPS watch in addition to MapMyRun on my phone because I’m neurotic about recording my mileage on all devices. For some reason, my phone is always more generous with the miles than the GPS watch – has anyone else encountered that in their running?

My mom and I wanted to go a little further for this run to keep up with a weekly long run, even though we don’t have a half scheduled right now. It was supposed to be sunny and in the 40s, and I was excited about another warm run like on Wednesday. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It was cloudy with the temp hovering in the 20s. Basically your typical winter weather in New England (what was that I said in my last post about Spring being here?).

We ran a different route from Saturday’s run. This one was a little less icy, but a lot hillier. I need to work on my mental toughness with hills. File that under running goals for warmer weather. 😉

Running hills | 2 Generations RunningMy mom and I were making great time and less than a mile from home when the flurries began. No big deal, I thought to myself, as we were almost done. We were running along a busy road with a narrow, snow-covered shoulder, and seeing a few cars coming, I took a few steps into a driveway to get over for them to pass, without really looking at the ground. BIG MISTAKE. Immediately, my feet were plunged into icy water as I stupidly ran through a huge puddle. My mom running behind me, saw my mistake and luckily avoided the water. Thank god, we were only two tenths of a mile or so from home! I booked it, eager to get back and take off my now-freezing sneakers. As we turned onto our street, the flurries picked up and turned into a mini snow squall. Ugh.

Unimpressed with winter running| 2 Generations RunningThat’s my sad, what-the-he**- is-happening face. Happy March y’all.

2 Generations RunningAfter, we came in and stretched while warming up a little. Then, the stretching turned into a new variation of yoga that I think will be very popular.

Dog Yoga | 2 Generations RunningDog yoga. You watch, it’s going to catch on. 🙂 Speaking of yoga, my mom and I start our yoga class tonight! I’m excited but also slightly depressed because it means I’m going to miss the beginning of the finale of The Bachelor. Yoga better be worth it. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

Did you run this weekend? Any other supporters of the dog yoga movement out there?

Calendar Updates

Hey there and happy hump day!

So I am still off freezing my butt off in upstate New York, but I wanted to check in with some calendar updates for you all.

Earlier in the winter, my mom and I had signed up to take a crochet class through our community center. My mom knits (I don’t), but it seemed like a fun thing to try! Well, I’ll never know whether I’m secretly a crochet genius, because the class was canceled since my mom and I were the only ones to sign up. BUT, the exciting news is that we were able to pick a different class to try instead, and after perusing the catalog a bit, my mom and I signed up for a mixed-level yoga class! My mom has some experience with yoga, but I’m pretty much a total newbie, so I’m very excited. 🙂 That will be starting mid-March, and I can’t wait to put my yoga pants to good use.

2 Generations Running. Yoga Pants Meme.They really are super comfortable. 🙂

Also, in early March (if all goes well), my mom will be running Stu’s 30K road race in Clinton, Mass (all 18 miles of it!) In the past, our running club has also participated in this as a relay team, but I’ve always been away at school and unable to participate. Hopefully, we’ll be doing it again this year and I’ll finally get to try my hand at a relay!

Relays. 2 Generations Running.My mom at last year’s relay.

So, some fun things to look forward to in March (including my birthday as well!!!).

Do you have any races scheduled? Anyone else excited for March (and maybe the beginning of spring…?)

Have a great Wednesday!