You Know You’re a Runner When… (Random Quirks of a Runner)

Hello there!

Happy Friday! I’ve had a crazy busy week, but definitely good busy! So far so good at the new job – I even went running with a group from the office on Wednesday night! Running around Boston was a little different for me, but something I think I’m going to enjoy. 🙂

Speaking of running (as I so frequently do here)…

I realized the other day just how many weird and random thoughts I have related to running. Rather than being embarrassed, naturally I started filing these away for a post. 🙂 Yes, these quirks probably mean I’m officially a weirdo, but I figure there must be some other crazies out there too.

You Know You're a Runner When... | 2 Generations Running1. When watching the movie Interstellar (which is 2 hrs. and 40 min) – “I could have comfortably run a half marathon in the time it took to watch this movie.”

You Know You're a Runner When...Mind blown.

2. Going to bed the night before a race makes me feel 100% like a kid on Christmas Eve.

You Know You're a Runner When... 2 Generations Running3. When driving past nice parks, lakes with a bike path, etc, I always think to myself “What a nice running route that would be!”

Cox Providence Half Marathon 2015 | 2 Generations Running4. When I see another runner – “Woo! You’ve got this!

You Know You're a Runner When... 2 Generations RunningIt’s ok, brush it off. No one saw that.

5. When I’m shopping, I am physically drawn towards the athletic apparel. I MUST look at it, even if I don’t *need* anything. And if something is on sale…?!

You Know You're a Runner When,... 2 Generations Running

6. I get really excited when I see other cars with 26.2 or 13.1 stickers on them.

You Know You're a Runner When ... 2 Generations Running7. When I’m driving in the car, and I hear a song on the radio I like – “I need to add that to my running playlist.”

You Know You're a Runner When

8. I spend my free time googling possible races to sign up for (even if I just ran one… that day.)

You Know You're a Runner WhenWhat are some of the weird running thoughts/quirks you have? I won’t judge you. 😉